Watch: Police in Dubai begin hoverbike training

Police in Dubai have started training to ride hoverbikes supplied by Californian company, Hoversurf.

The Hoverbike S3 2019 weighs 114kg and can fly at 60mph, 5 metres from the ground.


It uses a monocoque carbon fibre frame and has auto take-off and auto landing features as well as altitude hold and remote-control options.

The Dubai police aim to use the hoverbikes as first response vehicles in hard to reach areas by 2020 but a maximum flight time of just 10-25 minutes with a rider will limit their efficacy unless the technology moves on.

The LiNiMnCoO2 (lithium manganese nickel) batteries currently take 2.5 hours to fully charge without having to be removed from the bike, and a flight time of up to 40 minutes is possible in drone mode.

Many people have been quick to point out that the blades of the S3 look a little dangerous, but Dubai police Chief Information Officer, Khalid N Alrazooqi has said that the blades on the final version will have a safety ring around them.

If you fancy a hoverbike of your own, the S3 2019 is also available to the public for $150,000 (around £116,000) on the Hoversurf website.

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Ben Clarke

By Ben Clarke

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