Oil in the Blood: new feature film lays modern bike culture bare

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Over the last three years lifelong biker Gareth Maxwell Roberts has travelled the planet with a camera crew in tow, interviewing nearly 300 people to get to the roots of current motorcycle culture in his latest film Oil in the Blood.

To the outside world, motorcycling is going through something of a renaissance, pushed by the new wave custom scene. The once niche has grown so big it has inspired manufacturers to create whole ranges of retro and custom models, which have boosted sales and helped open motorcycles to a brand-new audience.

Oil in the Blood aims to lay modern biking culture bare

To help understand this new culture, the team travelled across the UK, Europe, Africa, the USA and Asia meeting with custom builders, manufacturers, event organisers, artists, journalists and racers.

Working with the likes of Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Ducati, BMW and Harley-Davidson, they’ve filmed everything from maverick bike builders El Solitario crossing the Sahara to ice racers on the frozen lakes of Wisconsin. Roberts says ‘this is not a film about motorcycles, it’s about motorcycle people’ and having seen it, we whole heartedly agree.

Take a look for yourself in the Oil in the Blood trailer.

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Oil in the Blood undergoing filming in the desert

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