Hex Innovate create new generation BMW diagnostic tool

The GS-911 from Hex Innovate
The GS-911 from Hex Innovate

South African motorcycle tech experts Hex Innovate have created a new diagnostic tool for riders, which can be operated remotely via a laptop or smartphone.

Known as the GS-911, the unit gives BMW riders the ability to diagnose faults at the roadside from any location, allowing you to continue your journey, or get the right assistance quickly.


Features of the device include reading and clearing fault codes, resetting service reminders, testing the output of components and their calibration and much more.

Hex produce devices compatible with bikes using OBD-II and 10-pin diagnostic ports and are backwards compatible for one another with adaptor cables, not included with the unit. 

Available in three versions, the base OBD-II unit is priced at £225 and features a service reminder reset function alongside all diagnostic services for up to 10 separate motorcycle VINs. This can be operated via a PC using a USB device only.

For those wanting a little more freedom, both the more expensive £300 and £565 GS-911wifi versions can be operated by either PC using a USB cable, or using an app on your smartphone via WiFi. The most expensive 'Professional' device can be used on unlimited VINs, hence its Pro status.

All of the products come with unlimited emergency functionality too, which covers reading and clearing fault codes, reading ECU information and viewing real time values on your machine.

Away from this, the 10-pin device comes in two versions only available with combined USB and WiFi connectivity. Compatible with bikes including the BMW S1000R, R1200RT, R1200GS and many of the older BMWs, the professional model is priced at £565 and the enthusiast’s option is a more modest £300.

What’s more, this will also cover some Husqvarna models produced during their time under BMW ownership, including the Nuda 900 and 900R, along with the TR650 Strada and Terra. Connectivity to the device via WiFi is made possible by connecting to the Hex Cloud server, which gives the user access to the service functions.

Manage your accessories

The Hex ezCAN

Alongside managing fault codes, Hex have also created a device to help manage your bike’s accessories, without the need to cut any wires or risk invalidating your warranty. 

Known as the ezCAN, individual units have been created for a select range of BMW bikes including the new R1250GS, F800GS and K1600 variants.

Priced at £140 excluding VAT, the waterproof and dustproof units can be installed and uninstalled without effecting the motorcycle’s performance and work by plugging into the battery, CAN-Bus and all additional accessories you wish to control.

Held in place by a Velcro strap, the ezCAN can then be configured using a USB connection on either a Mac or Windows PC. 

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