MV Agusta announce A2-friendly Brutale 800 and F3 675

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Never ones to be accused of not looking after the interests of young people, MV Agusta have homologated A2-compliant versions of the MV Agusta Brutale 800 and MV Agusta F3 675 that can be electronically restricted right down to 47bhp.


If you’re not familiar with either, the Brutale is one of the coolest nakeds going, while the F3 is so beautiful it hurts to even look at it. They are quite simply some of the best bikes any lottery winning 19 year old could hope to own.

"It’s all about the wow factor – the shock factor for young people," says Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta. "The bikes look a bit like sneakers – like you want to wear them. That’s what we’re good at."

As well as looking good, the bikes have plenty going on under the surface too. The F3 675 was the first production bike to feature a counter rotating crank, which reduces the tendency to wheelie under power. With hindsight, an essential safety feature for younger riders.

MV Agusta Brutale 800

The 675 also has ride-by-wire, eight-stage traction control plus an up-down quickshifter mated to a hydraulic slipper clutch. So not only is it the best looking bike a young rider can get their grubby mitts on, it’s also one of the most technologically advanced.

It is really a track missile though and the steering lock might make it difficult to park outside the student union, so there’s always the Brutale 800.

When MV Agusta restructured a few years ago, the Brutale 675 slipped out of their range, so the 800 is now their entry level naked. It too is bristling with the latest tech and is in many ways like a naked version of the F3, sharing the counter rotating crank engine.

MV Agusta F3 675 profile

"We want to continue working on our accessibility but we don’t want to go below a certain price" - Timur Sardarov

It’s got a similar electronics package to the F3, which includes various riders modes, including Rain in case it’s a bit wet on the way to a sociology lecture. Unlike the F3, which has a much higher power limit as stock, the A2 Brutale only loses a few ponies so the performance difference will be very small. So does this mark a return to the cheaper MVs like the AMG-owned days of old? Unlikely.

"We want to continue working on our accessibility but we don’t want to go below a certain price," adds Sardarov. "We want to keep our bikes special. When you buy an MV, you don’t want your neighbour to have one too. We want to stay niche without trying to go face to face with Ducati or BMW."

MV Agusta have confirmed that the bikes will cost the same as the standard models, meaning the Brutale 800 will likely be £11,990 while the F3 675 will be £12,790. Best get saving that student loan kids…

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