LS2 release glowing version of Valiant helmet

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LS2 have released a striking new version of their modular Valiant helmet with bright green decals that glow in 'low light'.

The Valiant Nucleus helmet uses a 180-degree swing-around chin bar that can be legally used in either full or open face configuration. The internal sun visor can be used in either configuration.

As with the standard Valiant, the KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy) outer is tough but flexible for energy dispersion and two shell size ensure a great fit.

LS2 Valiant Nucleus

The liner is removeable and washable, and the ‘A Class’, distortion-free visor comes with a Pinlock insert included. The LS2 Valiant Nucleus comes in sizes XS-XXL (53-64 cm).

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If the Nucleus is a bit too flash for you, there is also a new Jeans Titanium finish, which costs £249.99.

LS2 Valiant Jeans Titanium

LS2 Valiant helmet review

Alison Silcox LS2 Valiant

MCN Office Manager, Alison Silcox tested the LS2 Valiant for 2600 miles/three months:

  • Quality: 3 stars
  • Value: 3 stars

Certified as both an open-face and full-face lid, this helmet has been ideal for the recent UK heatwave and my tour of Europe. Switching from full to open faced is quick and easy, the chin bar lifting with just one hand.

The reverse action is simple and smooth. It has a quick-release visor, Pinlock insert, buckle closure and a removable and washable lining. Changing the visor is a brutal process that requires a fair bit of force.

The fit is reasonable, although particularly long days initially resulted in a sore spot on my forehead. However, this improved over time as the padding gave as it got properly broken in.

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