Rally Raid give the Honda CB500X the adventure treatment

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The new Honda CB500X is the latest bike to pass through the Rally Raid workshop, receiving a whole new range of parts to help it live up to its increased adventure bike potential.

First up it’s gained Rally Raid’s Level 2 suspension kit which consists of longer Tractive springs (eliminating the plastic spacer) and damper rods with built-in compression shim stacks.

Together these give a 20mm travel increase as well as much improved damping. If you don’t fancy the increased travel, the Level 1 Fork Kit is available on its own for £309.

It also has a matching Level 2 Tractive rear shock which, as well as increasing rear wheel travel by 50mm, features a remote reservoir with fully adjustable damping controls.

The Level 2 front and rear set up costs £1114.80 but again if you don’t want the suspension travel increase a Level 1 shock is available for £499.99. Both shocks can be paired with a hydraulic pre-load adjuster for £309.

Honda had already enlarged the 500X’s front wheel to 19in for better off-road handling but Rally Raid have moved this on further with a spoked wheel kit available in a tubed version for £1018 or a tubeless version is available for £1318.

Rally Raid have also adapted their range of accessories including billet triple clamps, bar risers, dirt footrests, adjustable levers and soft luggage racks. For those with adventurous aspirations though, it’s the engine guard for £245.96 that will be most useful.

Made in steel tube, the frame mounts to the centre stand lugs and incorporates a 2mm steel skid plate which extends to the front of the motor, protecting the oil filter, side cases and lambda sensor.

Seeing as the CB500X is only £6069 new, you could add the entire Rally Raid catalogue and still have a bike that’s more capable yet still cheaper than some of its rivals.

Rally Raid Honda CB500X specs:

  • Upgraded suspension
  • Tubeless spoked wheels
  • Various luggage options
  • Increased dirt potential
  • Available as bike or as kit