18-year-old becomes UK's youngest motorcycle dealership owner

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Wildmans Motorcycles in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, announced last month that an 18-year-old former apprentice was to become the next owner. 

Chris Lake, who has since turned 19, took over the reins as the main mechanic and owner on Monday, May 20.

“I’ve got to try, haven’t I?” Lake told MCN. “If I don’t try now, then I won’t know what could’ve been. I don’t want to to sit back and not have a go.”

The previous owner, Peter McDowell, ran the firm since 2005, which still operates out of its original 1926 premises that began as a local blacksmith’s forge. Lake has been involved with the dealership since he was 13, starting out as a Saturday boy.

Lake will run the business supported by Alan Fixter, who will do servicing and repair jobs, while McDowell is planning on retiring, but will help Chris out during more busy periods to lighten the load.

Since taking on the business, Lake has begun a 24-hour recovery service, which he will man at all times. Fixter will remain in the workshop, with Lake’s mother helping to run the motorcycle sales shop. 

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