Multiple speed record holder Zef Eisenberg awarded prestigious Simms Medal

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Multiple two and four-wheeled speed record holder, Zef Eisenberg, has been awarded The Simms Medal by the Royal Automobile Club for his 'outstanding contribution to motoring innovation.'

Presented to the Maximuscle founder on Wednesday, October 30, in Pall Mall, London, the award is only given in years when the club’s Dewar and Simms Technical Committee believes there have been contenders of 'sufficient merit.'

Holding over 52 British, world, ACU, FIM and Guinness records, Eisenberg made headlines in September this year when he set four new FIM World Speed Records at Elvington, North Yorkshire, aboard the University of Nottingham TT Zero electric bike, formerly ridden by the late Daley Mathison. 

"I'm very proud to have been awarded the Simms Medal," Zef Eisenberg said in a statement. "I’ve worked for the last eight years pushing the boundaries of engineering to deliver the most extreme and powerful motorbikes and cars, not just for show, but real performance racing, whether it’s our 480hp EISENBERG V8 motorbike, 564hp Rolls Royce Turbine powered motorbike, 400hp sand and ice motorbike, world’s fastest electric motorbike or even our record setting 1500hp 'Porsche Sand racer'." 

"Pushing engineering and performance to a superior level is our DNA. To be recognised by the prestigious Royal Automobile Club for what we have achieved is the icing on the cake." 

Eisenberg sits on his V8 motorcycle

Alongside speed records, Eisenberg also holds the record for 'Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash,' which occurred at 230mph aboard a 564hp Rolls-Royce jet turbine-powered bike.

Braking 11 bones, he was hospitalised for three months, before spending a further three months in a wheelchair and had learning to walk again. He then went on to race again exactly one year after the crash.

Eisenberg’s comments were further added to by Chairman of the Simms Medal Committee, John Wood MBE, who said: "The Royal Automobile Club has celebrated many Land Speed Record holders over the decades, from Segrave to Cobb; Campbell, Noble, Green, Drayson and now Eisenberg who joins this illustrious list.

"Zef’s multiple speed record exploits on two and four wheels exemplifies 'the spirit of adventure' which is at the heart of the Simms Medal. Zef is a man driven by technology and daring and very successfully - demonstrating its potential in the most extreme manner."

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