'Tactical contact' and new security measures get big results against bike crime

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The Metropolitan Police’s ‘Operation Venice’, the moped crime task force which caused controversy by using ‘tactical contact’ to end pursuits with suspects on two wheels, looks to be succeeding, according to latest crime figures.

Up to the end of July, the number of ‘peds and scooters involved in crime dramatically dropped by more than half compared to the year before, from 20,973 to 9723.

Some of this success has also been attributed to The Met’s ‘Lock, Chain Cover’ campaign, which promotes the use of better bike security. The number of motorbikes stolen in the same time period has also dropped by 22.4% from 11,395 to 8847.

The knock-on effect of this drop in thefts is that there are fewer vehicles in circulation to be used in further crimes.

“It’s great to see that the number of bikes stolen and the machines used in crime have reduced so much,” said Chief Inspector Jim Corbett from Operation Venice.

“However, we are not complacent and there is more work that can be done to reduce this further. A number of owners continue to park their scooters and motorcycles with minimal security measures, often only using a steering lock to prevent them from being stolen. It only takes seconds for a thief to steal one if it is not properly protected.

“That is why we have relaunched our campaign to encourage owners to protect their vehicle using ‘Lock, Chain and Cover’. Additional security reduces the chances of your bike being stolen, which is reduced even further if multiple security measures are used.”

Police Chief Inspector says ‘lock, chain and cover’

A cover can help against motorbike theft

Chief Inspector Jim Corbett says: “If owners of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles follow these three simple steps they’re less likely to draw the attention of thieves and so reduce theft even further.”

Lock “Use a disc lock on the front wheel, a grip lock to the throttle and use the steering lock.”

Chain “Secure the rear wheel with a chain and a padlock to a ground anchor or other fixed object.”

Cover “Bike covers restrict access to a bike or security feature and stops thieves ‘shopping’ for bikes.”

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