Andromeda Moto create track-rated vegan 'leathers'

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Andromeda Moto have created both one and two-piece ‘leather’ suits for bikers that don’t use any leather at all – in fact, it’s completely vegan.

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Until recently if you wanted to ride a bike on track in the UK you would have had to wear either a one or two-piece leather suit.

But now a new Spanish brand have created a new product that is not only animal product free but is also kinder on the environment too.

The suit is called the NearX and is made from a material called High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is also used in the astronauts’ suits on the International Space Station.

Andromeda NearX vegan suit front and back

Thinner than leather but more resistant when paired with a full Kevlar lining, Superfabric ceramic plates and full armour, the suit has achieved the highest AAA rating. What’s more, it’s certified for use on track all over the world.

Andromeda say that producing a kilo of leather requires 17,000l of water whereas only 30l is required to produce a kilo of UHMWPE – over 500 times less. Andromeda’s big hope is to get themselves into the MotoGP paddock.

The NearX suit costs €1220 (approx. £1050) for a made to measure one-piece, making it comparable to a typical leather suit.

Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

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