Portuguese students make electric motorcycle brand

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Three young Portuguese motorcyclists have turned their success from building parts and accessories into an electric motorcycle start-up.

The trio met as part of the MotoStudent programme, investing £350 each into a mini brand they called Axiis.

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The Liion electric bike is a new project

After the success of Axiis, the three have taken their profits and invested them into building an electric motorcycle brand they’re calling Liion, with a supermoto as their first model.

It has a CNC-machined alloy frame, single-sided swingarm and carbon-fibre bodywork, with a 132bhp electric motor producing 177lb.ft of torque – not bad from a complete bike that weighs just 133kg.

For now there’s no pricing or availability as the three are looking for investment to turn their bike into a production machine. Exciting times for innovation in biking!