Kawasaki-backed stunt rider aims for new speed record dragged behind a motorcycle

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Kawasaki UK have teamed up with stunt rider Jonny Davies to try and break the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest speed being dragged behind a motorcycle’ using a supercharged Ninja H2 SX sports tourer.

The record currently belongs to stunting legend Gary Rothwell, who achieved 156.3mph from the back of a Suzuki Hayabusa on April 18, 1999. The Liverpool rider was dragged behind his GSX1300R on special titanium-soled boots at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, in Lutterworth.

“I’m surprised no one has attempted it sooner,” Rothwell told MCN following Kawasaki’s official announcement. “If he gets over that part of being scared and keeping the throttle open, I can’t see him not being able to break it.”

Kawasaki are backing the record attempt

Jonny Davies (also known as JD Stunts) is a UK Stunt Champion and two-time record holder already. He hopes to achieve at least 160mph on the day. Current riding accolades already include the fastest ever ‘highchair wheelie’ with his feet over the handlebars – clocking 109.228mph in August 2020.

“Gary Rothwell was one of the main inspirations with me becoming a stunt rider anyway,” Davies told MCN ahead of his first practice session on Monday, June 17.

“I’d watch his videos and practice on my pushbikes. Every time it would rain, I’d take that opportunity to drag myself on the side,” he continued. “Since doing the first record, I knew Gary’s record was a big one and a really big ask.”

Existing record holder Gay Rothwell

Davies says that Kawasaki initially offered him a track-only Ninja H2R for the attempt, which produces in excess of 300bhp. However alongside power, stability is also required – hence why the H2 SX was eventually chosen.

“It has enough power with the supercharger, but it has the stability,” he continued. “Gary’s been really helpful and supportive and will be there for the attempt.”

The record attempt will take place later this summer, with the bike modified to include a second throttle at the rear to allow for acceleration whilst skiing off the back. Davies will then have to jump back onto the rear of the bike whilst slowing down, before reaching the end of the runway.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX to be used in the record attempt

“This is new territory for us, but we are excited to be working with Jonny and hopefully turning our Ninja H2 SX into a record-breaking machine,” Head of Kawasaki UK’s Marketing and Racing Departments, Ross Burridge said.

“With the excellent accelerating capabilities of this bike and its high-speed stability, we are confident it will be perfect for the attempt. We would like to wish Jonny the best of luck for his attempt and look forward to witnessing it happen later this year.”