Riding high with Pol Tarrés | Spanish trials guru smashes motorcycle elevation record - twice!

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Two years after demolishing the multi-cylinder motorcycle elevation world record, rally rider and internet viral sensation Pol Tarrés has returned to Chile and bested his previous attempt, riding a modified Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid to an altitude of 6677m above sea level.

During a reconnaissance ride a day earlier, the Spaniard also broke the existing overall motorcycle elevation record by taking a totally stock Yamaha YZ450FX to a staggering 6756 metres.  

“Preparing for this challenge was difficult, many said it could not be done,” project manager, Javi Echevarria said. “But we as a team know that’s what drives Pol… to do exactly what no-one thinks possible. It was really a team effort – and would have been impossible without everyone involved.”  

Pol Tarrés at the highest point ever reached via multi-cylinder motorcycle

Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest volcano and second highest mountain in the Andes was the chosen location for the ascent. Other riders have previously attempted the climb, but the intensity of the mountain’s rocky inclines, scree slopes and snow drifts had proved too much for earlier attempts to summit Chile’s tallest land mass.  

Tarrés began his record-breaking ride from the Refugio Murray at 4522 metres and while just 50 minutes was all it took to reach the final altitude, both Tarrés and the team required two weeks of acclimatisation to prepare themselves for the low oxygen environment.  

“Above 6000 metres everything seems to go super slow, the physical exhaustion is indescribable and there is no room for mistakes,” commented Tarrés. “Even walking is a challenge, let alone riding a on difficult terrain Ténéré at this altitude.” 

The team posing after their successful record attempt

The Ténéré, similarly, required special preparation for the conditions it was required to operate in. A full stage three GYTR kit was specced, including uprated suspension and wheels. Due to the far greater fuel consumption experienced at such a height, additional fuel capacity was added alongside a tuneable ECU allowing an extended range.  

A full documentary will be released later this year recounting the momentous endeavour, although a date for this is yet to be released.