Boutique French manufacturer DAB hit the market with 35 bhp learner legal electric supermoto

Dab 1a shown in both white and grey
Dab 1a shown in both white and grey

French boutique electric manufacturer DAB Motors have unveiled their inaugural production machine, the cleanly named and learner legal 1α. 

Priced at hefty €14,900, (around £12,789), the 1α (α meaning Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet) is being designed, engineered and assembled entirely within the factory of parent company Peugeot Motorcycles, located in Beaulieu-Mandeure. 

For the cash, customers receive a product shrouded by an air of exclusivity, with numbers limited to just 400 units and bikes even coming with their own handlebar mounted gold numbered plaques and certificate of authenticity. 

DAB 1a production number

A few niceties go some way towards justifying the premium price tag too. These include Brembo brakes, an optional wireless phone charger created by Quad Lock, Paioli suspension with ‘gold’ plated stanchions, an Alcantara covered seat, a 3.4 litre glove box and a smattering of carbon parts.  

Bizarrely however, DAB opted not to spec the bike with a TFT display, despite it knocking on 13 grand, and have instead opted for a simple 2.8-inch LCD dash. 

Performance of the Alpha is equivalent to a 125 in terms of nominal power output, churning out just 14.7bhp (11kw). This means it can be ridden without the need for a full motorcycle licence – an intentional move according to DAB in order to attract more potential riders to the niche brand. Exactly which new riders are ready to drop this kind of money on a new bike remains to be seen.

DAB 1a right hand side static shot

Despite claims of new rider focus though, thumbing the bar mounted ‘Nitro button’ will give riders a claimed 35bhp to play with, albeit for limited durations, which will propel the 125kg machine to a suggested 80mph top speed.  

Away from outright performance, you also get a removable battery pack that can be charged using either a standard home wall plug or Type 2 charger. 

Five riding modes are also available to dial in the ride. Three of which are eco, standard and sport, with the final two modes being the full fat turbo and a reverse function

DAB logo

Designers say the design of the fully electric 1α draws inspiration from the world of video games, with buttons styled to resemble those of gaming controllers. The ‘Nitro button’ in particular, is said to reference noughties game Need for Speed.  

Want one? Registration is open at now.