Norton launch custom colour program with unique White Charger rotary tribute

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Norton Motorcycles have launched a new ‘One of One’ custom colour program with a unique V4 SV superbike, inspired by the ‘White Charger’ RCW588 rotary ridden to victory in the 1992 Senior TT race on the Isle of Man.

Widely recognised as one of the greatest TT races to have ever taken place around the 37.73-mile course, the original bike was piloted by Steve Hislop – who fended off Carl Fogarty’s Yamaha to take his ninth win on the island.

Thirty two years on from that race, Norton Motorcycles are now paying tribute to Hislop and the team with a special build based around their £44,000 V4 SV, which is powered by a liquid-cooled 1200cc 72-degree V4 engine, producing a claimed 185bhp at 12,000rpm.

Norton V4 SV with custom white paint job

Although many of the sponsor decals are not in place, the special modern machine wears the same number 19 as the original, as well as the three-legged Manx symbolism across the rear bodywork.

A small ice cream decal sits on the side fairing as a nod to the emergency modifications made to the race bike ahead of the Senior race, too – including the removal of the front mudguard to provide precious extra cooling to the highly strung rotary engine.

The bike is being displayed at this weekend’s Bike Shed Moto Show at London’s Tobacco Dock, which starts on Friday May 24. From there, it’s heading to the Victory Café on the Isle of Man for the 2024 TT races, before going on display at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull alongside the original race bike.

Norton V4 SV with custom white paint next to the original 1992 White Charger rotary, side view

The V4 SV One of One has been built to launch a new customisation program from Norton, which will be available to customers purchasing a Commando 961, V4 CR, or V4 SV. It allows buyers to choose any colour of paint they please, as well as for the stitching, and any accessories.

Builds are said to take between four and six months to complete, with customers entering into a consultation process before digital renders of each design are produced. Once the client is happy, a deposit is taken, and production begins.

Those wishing to customise the Commando 961 can alter the tank, tail and air box. The full fairings can be painted on the V4 models. Norton say that they can only deal with a select number of enquiries on a yearly basis and so the One of One process is selective. Those wishing to take part should email today.