Preview: Honda CBR600F impresses in first test

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Honda’s revived CBR600F has impressed beyond expectations in its first full test in next week’s Motorcycle News – out on Wednesday March 16th.

Chief Road Tester Trevor Franklin rode the bike at its world launch in southern Spain last week, and, despite damp conditions, was hugely impressed with the new affordable all-rounder.

He says in his full test: “The retuned 2007 CBR600RR engine is a joy. Motorway work is a doddle, too. But where the engine feels happiest is above 7000rpm. In bend-swinging mood this is where the CBR brings most joy to the rider.

“Rush up to the turn, toe down enough gears to settle the revs around 6000rpm, run through on a neutral throttle and, as soon as the apex is broached, wind it on.

“But it’s not just the engine. To be honest I expected the CBR to tie itself in knots at the first sight of a series of bends. It didn’t. Fast, flowing bends are simply eaten by the CBR.

“There’s no doubt the new CBR600F is every inch a practical sports bike. For this reason alone it would make for a better bike for an awful lot of riders, especially those who ride outside of their limits but won’t admit it, or realise until it’s too late.”

Read Trevor’s full test next week.