Dream ticket - MCN rides the Suter MMX500

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MCN Senior Road Tester Adam Child is in Germany at the demanding Lausitzring today, and is about to ride the stunning two-stroke Suter MMX500 race bike, fresh from the Isle of Man TT. Our very own road racer will be riding the actual bike Ian Lougher took to 34th position in the Senior TT. It’s even got Isle of Man flies still splattered across its fairings. Just to finish a Senior TT is impressive in itself, but to lap at close to 122mph at their first attempt is a huge achievement for a new team on a bespoke, unproven two-stroke machine.

The Suter attracted huge crowds of admirers in the paddock at the TT, and was a firm favourite amongst fans around the course, who were bathed in the smell of two-stroke and entertained by that distinctive two-stroke V4 soundtrack. This stunning race bike pushes out a claimed 195bhp @ 13,000rpm from its 588cc V4, which is impressive in its own right, but more so when you take weight into consideration – tipping the scales at a featherweight 127kg.


Adam has two twenty-minute sessions today, so expect more updates online throughout today, ahead of a full review in MCN soon.