Tyre launch: Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41

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Whilst in Morocco for the launch of the new T31 Sports Touring, we will also get the opportunity to test Bridgestone’s new Battlax Adventure A41.  The A41 is Bridgestone’s all-new tyre aimed directly at Adventure bikes, replacing the old A40.

According to Bridgestone, ‘Trust and confidence were the aims of this full new development. The total performance package in dry and in particular wet conditions without sacrificing anything on wear life. We have made a big step forward’.

The focus of the front tyre was to get the correct balance between deformation and rigidity and water drainage. On the rear they also concentrated on water drainage, plus high speed stability. Bridgestone are claiming a 5% increased contact patch, 9% higher friction in the wet, which has resulted in a 8% faster lap time in the wet, without any sacrifice on tyre wear life.

Bridgestone are offering a full line up of sizes, including 90/90v21 (front). The new A41 goes head-to-head against Pirelli’s Scorpion Trail, Metzeler’s Tourance, Michelin’s Road 5 Trail and Dunlop’s Trailsmart. Check back later this week on our social media channels for more updates, with a full review in MCN on April 11.

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