Gallery: Two-stroke heaven - the Suter MMX500

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The Suter MX500 is the fastest, most-advanced production two-stroke the world has ever seen, and MCN Senior Editor Matt Wildee was lucky enough to get a spin on one at Rockingham recently.

The MMX is powered by Suter’s own 576cc twin-crank 80º V4. It kicks out 188bhp at the back wheel and weighs just 130kg ready to go, yet it is flexible enough to be ridden in the wet, starts easily, idles like a road bike and despite its astounding performance could be ridden by anyone who fancies a trackday. Provided of course, you’ve got the £100,000 you need to buy one.


It also looks incredible. It’s a wonder Matt managed to get out on the bike at all – there are so many astounding details that it’s easy to lose an entire day just looking at the thing.

With that in mind we’ve put together some of the best images from the day to eat into your productivity at work.

If you want to know what it was like to ride and how it sounds, check out our video.

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