BMW S1000RR launch: One day to go!

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With just one day to go before the eagerly awaited world unveiling of BMW’s much anticipated S1000RR at Monza, word is coming through that it looks set to be one of the most sophisticated superbikes ever built.

There’s been much talk of the S1000RR’s expected performance (190bhp plus is rumoured) and neat design touches, but the latest leaked reports are that, in terms of its electronic aids and management (traction control, performance modes, ABS etc) the new BMW is set to be the most innovative and clever superbike yet conceived.

In addition, MCN’s technical expert Neil Spalding is convinced the S1000RR employs a radical cylinder head design that provides both an unusually good inlet port design and allows the engine to be as compact as possible.

“The best inlet ports in motorcycle racing are usually found on desmodromic Ducatis, where the space freed up under the closing rocker – where the spring would be in a normal engine – is used to straighten the inlet port and make the intake of fuel-air mix more efficient.

BMW appears to get the same effect by offsetting the cams.”
Check in on Saturday for the full story.