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Yamaha teases new R3 sportsbike and Tricity three-wheel scooter

Published: 17 March 2014

Yamaha has released a brief 15 second teaser video which appears to show a new 300cc sportsbike along with the final production version of the Tricity three-wheel scooter.

The video gives no real information other than a countdown which is pinned at eight days from now, meaning both bikes will be shown on March 25.

MCN revealed plans by Yamaha to protect the R3 name recently, but what’s not clear from the video is whether this is the 250cc Japanese market R25 or the expected larger capacity 300cc R3 which is set for the European market.

What we do know is the other ‘bike’ in the video is the final production version of the three-wheeled Tricity scooter which will be going on sale in the European market within a matter of weeks. The engine shown at the start of the video is the Tricity’s four-stroke 125cc single cylinder motor.

Yamaha is making bold claims about the lower weight of the Tricity when compared to existing three wheelers on the market thanks to a different way of building the bikes and the technology underneath.