MV Agusta to launch F4RR WSBK Special

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MV Agusta will launch a World Superbike homologation special for their WSB campaign next year.

The new F4 will be the worlds’ most powerful normally aspirated superbike with a quoted 210bhp. The engine will feature titanium valves and rods as standard, and larger injectors.

Also expect full traction control and a bi-directional quickshifter. Due to its lightweight components like carbon fibre wheels, bodywork and full titanium race exhaust it will only top the scales at just 175kg.

The limited edition ‘race customer’ only bike will cost you a cool 40,000 Euros, which is bang on the WSBK cost limit. It’s expected that MV will only make enough bikes to comply with the WSBK homologation rules.
The Facts
Weight – 175kg
Power – 210hp
Racing kit:

• Titanium exhaust

• Carbon fibre rear seat cover

• Aluminium mirror caps kit

• Dedicated bike cover

• Lighter crankshaft

• New cylinder head

• Bigger fuel injectors

• Magnesium covers

• Titanium screws

• Lighter pistons with titanium rod

• Lighter gears

• Carbon fibre fairings

• Forged wheels

• Ohlins suspensions

• Li-on battery

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