Suzuki SV650’s mean streak

Published: 23 March 2016

This newly-designed concept bike has come direct from the Suzuki factory and is said to be based on the styling of 1970s tarmac rally cars (well, why wouldn’t you?) which featured large front lights for night racing.

There is no word, official or otherwise, about what the production intent is with this bike but it gives the otherwise quite ordinary SV650 – which is all-new for this year – a fresh and aggressive makeover.

It could be a sampling exercise to gauge public reaction, or it could simply be a design exercise to let the team off the leash.

The new SV650 V-twin has grown a small nose cowl, an all-black full Yoshimura retro twin-silencer exhaust system that is stacked on one side, and new side panels that give the impression of a bigger Imola-style fairing.

It also gets an enormous seat hump to cover the single-piece seat unit, which has also been restyled with a retro ribbed cover.

Perhaps the most striking design element, though, is the front-on view, with a metal protective grill over the headlamp, and two auxiliary lights each side wearing rally-esque white covers.

It seems unlikely to be something that will make it into production, but it’s a lot of fun.

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