Fresh electronic updates arrive for the 2023 Ducati Panigale V4 range

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Ducati have continued their commitment to producing easier to ride superbikes, by updating the electronics on their Panigale V4 range for 2023.

The updates come just a year on from the reveal of their 213bhp third generation four-cylinder missile and consist of new engine braking controls, plus greater quickshifter and traction control refinement.

Available in dealers already across the V4, V4 S, and V4 SP2 range, they can also be installed on all 2022 models from the end of the month at your local Ducati dealership.

Starting with the stopping power, the new machines get Ducati’s Engine Brake Control Evo 2 software, which features three selectable levels with different gear-by-gear calibration in each mode.

As load on the rear wheel increases, more engine braking is applied – meaning it should be the least intrusive under initial heavy braking and then grow in intensity as you reach the centre of a turn. This has been done in an attempt to improve stability and reduce rear wheel lock-ups. 

Changes have also been made to the smoothness of the quickshifter at a full and partial throttle, which could have benefits away from a trackday fast group.

Rather than cutting the injection during a shift on a partial throttle, the new system retards the ignition timing – meaning gear changes are made without any cut to the engine for a smoother shift. The system has also been designed to offer greater stability between shifts at full throttle, too – not that it was particularly unstable beforehand.

There’s also tweaks to the cooling fan to try and keep heat away from the rider. Bologna-built V4 superbikes have always struggled with this and can cause discomfort at slower speeds on hot days. For that added level of precision, there’s also tweaks to the accuracy of the ride by wire throttle and traction control.

But that’s not all, as 21 Ducati riders from MotoGP and superbike racing paddocks will do battle at Misano in an exhibition race at World Ducati Week 2022 aboard the updated V4, as well as the smaller twin-cylinder Panigale V2. The event takes place from July 22-24.

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By Dan Sutherland

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