Cruise brothers! Harley-Davidson launch updated Street Glide and Road Glide tourers for 2024

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Harley-Davidson are expanding their lineup for 2024 with the introduction of two new ‘bagger’ models – the Street Glide and Road Glide – with both arriving in dealers this month.  

At the heart of each bikes sits the new Milwaukee-Eight 117; a thumping great 1923cc, counterbalanced V-twin which Harley suggests bears significant revisions for 2024.

The new motor receives updated intake and exhaust characteristics to enhance performance, as well as boasting a new cooling system which the Milwaukee manufacturer promises will optimise “thermal comfort for the rider.”

Harley-Davidson baggers riding in a forest

The new models “represent a new era for Harley-Davidson”, claims President and CEO of the brand, Jochen Zeitz, who goes on to add: “without question, these are the most enticing touring motorcycles ever offered by Harley-Davidson.”

Weight is reduced, comfort is improved, and each bike receives a smattering of tech, including a huge 12.3in touchscreen TFT dash and booming new 200-watt amplifier, all ready to blare ‘Born in the USA’ as you rumble along the M25. 

Harley-Davidson TFT dash

The big tourers each feature four selective rider modes; Road, Sport, Rain and Custom, allowing riders to electronically adjust the performance characteristics depending on the conditions, including throttle response and engine braking configuration, alongside ABS and traction control intervention.

Design engineers have been hard at work with the physical changes too. Aerodynamics have been rejigged, delivering a claimed 60 percent reduction in helmet buffeting at speed. This, along with a redesigned saddle and rear suspension travel increase of 76mm, should have you sitting comfortably all day long. 

Harley-Davidson Street Glide side view

Customers wanting a slice of the American pie can expect to pay £26,795 for a base colour, increasing to £29,095 if specced with premium colour options. Prices for the Road Glide similarly start at £27,295 and increase to £29,595 when opting for premium colour selection. 

Harley’s new bagger siblings undeniably attract a premium price tag, but in the niche eco-system of full-dress tourers they exist, they hold a competitive position against rivals like Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing, especially given the often-die-hard devotion expressed by patrons of the brand.  

Harley-Davidson Road Glide side view

Naturally, expect either bike to be superbly capable of effortlessly churning out big miles in opulent comfort and, as with most models from Harley-Davidson, there will be a huge catalogue of options ripe for customisation purposes.