Naked aggression | Krämer launch Hooligan racer based on top-spec GP2-890R

Krämer Super Hooligan racer front
Krämer Super Hooligan racer front

German race bike firm, Krämer Motorcycles have launched a limited-run Hooligan naked bike based on their flagship £28,600 GP2-890R.

Powered by KTM’s 889cc parallel twin engine from the 890 Duke R among others, the 890R can be found competing in the GP2 class which is run alongside the British Superbike championship, with this new upright naked inspired by the popular ‘Super Hooligan’ racing class in the USA. 

If you’re not familiar with Super Hooligan racing, the championship is contested by heavily modified upright motorcycles from manufacturers including Indian, Harley-Davidson and KTM – with close-fought action taking place alongside the Moto America series around tracks across the USA.

Krämer Super Hooligan racer right side

The championship is open to bikes of 750cc and up, with air- or water-cooled two-cylinder engines. These must produce 125bhp or less, with a minimum weight of 190kg.

Now, Krämer are testing the water to see if there is an appetite for their motorcycles within the series. Company co-founder Markus Krämer told MCN: “We just wanted to build this bike and it just felt right and natural to do that. 

“The feedback on our concept bike is very positive and we have decided to develop a kit to convert a GP2-890R into this Hooligan bike,” he continued. “[For now] we will produce 10 Hooligan bikes. If we see a future market here, we will continue and will add these to our future line up.”

Krämer Super Hooligan racer engine and frame detail

The existing 890R tips the scales at 140kg and produces a claimed 128.2bhp from its growling twin cylinder engine. These figures will need to change quite dramatically if there are serious aspirations of conquering the States. 

With the bike raced to GP2 podiums in the UK by the likes of Barry Burrell, trick components include Dymag UP7X rims, a Brembo RCS Corsa Corta master cylinder, WP Apex Pro forks and shock, adjustable engine and throttle maps, plus carbon fibre reinforced fairing panels. 

The lower part of the engine is shrouded by a small belly pan, with the striking trellis frame protected from damage by large blacked-out crash tubes. The prototype model seen here features number boards displaying the number 99 – a figure used by Northern Ireland’s Jeremy McWilliams, who is a KTM development rider and finished second in the 2023 series riding an Indian. 

Krämer Super Hooligan racer rear

Krämer Hooligan racer in detail

  • Building on success: The GP2-890R uses the parallel twin from KTM’s 890 Duke range. The 890 Duke R took third place in the 2023 Super Hooligans series
  • KTM connections: Krämer worked with KTM to develop the Austrian brand’s RC 8C limited-run track motorcycle, which cannot be made road legal
  • Going further: If Krämer’s GP2-890R isn’t enough for you, the firm will also sell you a £35,990 GP2-890RR, which is limited to 125 units and produces a claimed 136.1bhp
  • Past glories: Krämer previously built an upright version of their £21,650 EVO2-690R to be allowed into the Landshaag hill climb in Austria. It was ridden by Shaun Anderson
  • Short history: Krämer Motorcycles began in Germany as a hobby in just 2009, building a prototype racing bike for their founders’ own use

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