Three new GS models on the way: BMW’s service website reveals future plans

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There are three new GS models in the not too distant future, all confirmed by BMW’s own servicing website. We’ve suspected for some time that a new model was in the works, after spyshots emerged of a new bike being tested at BMW’s off-road facility but now it seems BMW have really been hard at work.

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Until it was fixed shortly after the error was pointed out, BMW’s website allowed to book servicing for the R1300GS, R1400GS and M1300GS. So what are each of these models? Let’s start with the M.

This is the one we’ve known about the longest and arguably the easiest to understand. With the success of BMW’s M cars and now their M1000RR, an M GS is the logical next step.

BMW M1300GS dropdown menu

Expect carbon fibre aplenty, a rorty exhaust and a few other trick bits. It’s possible BMW will go the whole hog and take on the various ‘Pikes Peak’ performance adventure bikes out there by fitting a 17” front wheel and swapping out the ‘Enduro’ riding mode for a ‘Track’ mode. But what of the R1300GS and R1400GS?

Well the R1300GS is mostly probably the logical next step in the evolution of the GS and as the name indicates a new engine is coming. Although the current model is water cooled, it’s targeted cooling of the top end – the cylinders themselves are still air cooled. Chances are the new 1300GS will move to a completely watercooled engine.

Wrapping the cylinder in a water jacket will have a couple of advantages, namely finer control over the combustion environment for reduced emissions while also offering sound insulation, both things that will be under tighter control for Euro5B, which is expected in the not too distant future. There will likely be a small power boost too but we don’t expect a huge leap. So where does that leave the R1400GS?

BMW R1300GS spy shot right side

Speaking to our contacts, the suggestion is that the R1400GS will effectively replace what we know of now as the GS Adventure. Originally the GSA was aimed at those who wanted to go on hardcore round the world adventures but these days it mostly finds use as a road going tourer.

With that in mind, our sources indicate that the R1400GS will be a more powerful, high tech, big tanked adventure tourer designed to take on the likes of the Multistrada V4, while the R1300GS will remain the go to model for people who want to venture off-road. Not dissimilar to the way Honda currently pitch the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports.

There’s no official comment from BMW about the website leak or about future models but we wouldn’t be surprised if BMW unveil the new machine later this year as a 2023 model.

Jordan Gibbons

By Jordan Gibbons

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