New Buell machines and orders just weeks away

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Buell are getting ready to restart manufacturing on November 1, with online reservations to open at the same time.

This will be the first time new Buells have rolled off a production line since then owners Harley-Davidson placed the brand into indefinite hiatus in 2009.

After the business was closed, Erik Buell set up Erik Buell Racing (EBR), which was bought by Liquid Asset Partners (LAP) in 2016, who have subsequently bought the Buell name from H-D.

Now the CEO of LAP has taken over running Buell, starting with bringing the Hammerhead superbike to production.

“When we said Buell is Back, we meant it,” says Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co. “We are putting the finishing touches to our factory and kicking off production of the Buell Hammerhead 1190.”

The Hammerhead builds on the 1190RX which was launched by EBR and is powered by an 1190cc V-twin, with a claimed peak power of 182bhp @ 10,600rpm and 101.6lb.ft @ 8200rpm.

The rest of the formula is classic Buell with their a signature aluminium beam frame that also holds the fuel. The only question is how much the bike will cost when sales begin.

Buell are back! Adventure bikes, tourers and off roaders to follow 1190 revival

First published on 25 February 2021 by Jordan Gibbons

Buell are set to make a shock return

Buell motorcycles are returning to production with the company planning to launch 10 models by 2024.

The Buell name has been silent since 2009, when the company was closed by then owners Harley-Davidson in a cost cutting drive. After the business was closed, Erik Buell set up Erik Buell Racing (EBR), which was bought by Liquid Asset Partners (LAP) in 2016. Now LAP have managed to buy the Buell name from H-D, renaming EBR ahead of the relaunch.

“We are excited to bring Buell back with this awesome assortment of superbikes and performance motorcycles,” says Bill Melvin, CEO of LAP.

“We start with the fastest American production motorcycles, hand built in the USA, so that’s a nice start! We’re building out those platforms for more touring & adventure models, then we’re expanding our displacements to be competitive with other global brands.”

Buell are intending to revive the 1190 platform before turning their attention to small-mid sized displacement engines as well as the off-road, adventure and touring segments. There are also hopes to explore electric bikes.

Erik Buell himself is not involved in the project as he has turned his attention to electric motorcycles with his Fuell brand.