Cineco electric maxi scoot could come in at £8000 below BMW’s C-Evolution

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Cineco have launched a battery maxi-scoot that sets a new standard for combining a long range with an attractive price.

Developed as an alternative to a 300cc petrol bike, the E-RT3 shares its chassis and styling with parent firm Zongshen’s conventionally powered RT3 but adds an electric motor and lithium battery pack. The result is a 75mph top speed and a 0-62mph time of 8.9 seconds.

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The performance comes from a motor that’s rated at 8kW (10.7bhp), meaning that the E-RT3 would be learner-legal over here as it’s under the 125cc limit of 11kW (15bhp). Like other electric motors, though, the real peak power is much higher, with 17kW (22.8bhp) on tap for short bursts along with 530Nm (391lb.ft) of torque at the rear wheel. At a claimed 195kg, it’s relatively light, too.

More impressive is the claimed 137-mile range in combined city and highway use, courtesy of a 72 volt, 96Ah battery that charges in eight hours from a normal socket or around four hours from a fast charger.

Those range and performance figures aren’t far from those of BMW’s C-Evolution, the benchmark of electric maxi-scooters, but the Chinese-made Cineco is much less expensive. In its homeland, the price is listed at 39,800 Yuan, which is under £4500. If an importer opts to bring the bike to the UK, import duties, VAT and shipping costs mean it would probably be around £6000 – that’s still more than £8000 less than the BMW.

Electric drivetrain aside, the level of equipment is respectable with standard kit that includes a TFT dash, tyre monitors, Bluetooth phone integration and navigation.

Cineco’s range also features an electric adventure bike – the E-RX1. Based on the Zongshen RX1, a 200cc single, the E-RX1 uses the same 8kW motor that’s seen in the E-RT3 but offers even more performance and a lower price than its maxi-scooter sibling.

In the E-RX1 peak power rises to 17.5kW (23.5bhp), with the top speed pegged at 82mph. Range is 124 miles, which takes five hours from a normal socket or three hours from a fast-charger. In China, the E-RX1 is 38,800 Yuan (about £4300), so expect to pay £5500.

Cineco’s range also features an electric adventure bike – the E-RX1

Cineco scoot explored:

  • Decent spec 6.75in TFT colour screen with phone connectivity for media and navigation, plus multiple display options.
  • Tyre watch Tyre pressure monitors front and rear, with actual pressure readouts rather than a simple 'low' warning.
  • Belt-drive 8kW motor from Jiangsu Jujie Electromechanical Co is chassis-mounted, with belt final drive and peak power of 17kW (that works out at 22.8bhp).
  • Reverse thrust Bosch supply the E-RT3’s dual-channel ABS brake set-up, and thanks to the electric powertrain there’s also a reverse gear.
  • Plug it in The battery is a 72v 96Ah lithium unit needing four hours on a fast charger.

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