New Honda Hunter Cub really is a mini adventurer

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Don’t laugh but Honda might have just designed the adventure bike everyone is asking for and they’ve based it on the king of bikes – the C125 Super Cub! Whenever we ask people what they want from an adventure bike, the message is always: small, light, cheap, big tank range, low seat, capable off-road and with pillion capacity. The Hunter Cub ticks every box.

Just like the regular Cub, the Hunter Cub (or Trail 125 as it may be known in Europe) is powered by an air-cooled 124cc single. Honda have retuned it a little so peak power is down to 8bhp but torque is up to 8.1 ftlb. Along with that, it’s also got a higher air intake and exhaust for wading.

Just like the Cub the fuel-injected single is ridiculously frugal, delivering around 190mpg, which gives the CT125 a theoretical range of 221 miles. One nice little touch is that despite the modern motor, it’s retained the apocalypse-friendly kick start!

Also just like the Cub, the engine gets its power down through a four-speed box with an automatic clutch. It’s been down-geared for a bit more va-va-voom albeit at the expense of top end. If you were going to go long distance touring, swapping back would presumably be quite easy.

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The frame is pretty much straight from the Super Cub but with a few reinforcements for 40mm longer travel suspension. The rear end has also been extended to fit a rack, although that can be swapped for a pillion seat. Other adventure touches include off-road footpegs, chunky controls and little crash bars.

All the extra off-road bits up the weight by 11kg over the C125 to 120kg, but that’s under half what many adventure bikes weigh.

Even with the old-school looks, there are plenty of modern features including LED lights throughout, a nifty little digital dash and it’s even got ABS on the front (but not the back for skids off-road). Honda Japan said the plan was for us to get this in June but with the current situation it might not arrive until a little later. Given the cost of the C125 in the UK, the CT125 is likely to be around £3500.

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