Long ranger: Husqvarna 701LR price announced

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Husqvarna’s adventure ready 701LR has arrived in dealers priced at £10,699 – just £900 more than the standard model. The 701LR has an additional 12-litre front petrol tank on top of the standard 13-litre rear tank, giving the bike a 310-mile range.

Just like the rally bikes, the LR has a second fuel pump in the front tank, allowing you to choose which one you drain. The rest of the bike remains unchanged so it’s a 692cc 73bhp single, with 250mm suspension at either end.

Unlike the rally bikes, however, there’s no tall screen to keep you out of the wind, meaning the occasional fuel stop would actually be a welcome relief. It does mean you can venture further off road without suffering from range anxiety, but how often do non-rallyists ride for more than 160 miles in the wilderness anyway?

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Perhaps a more sensible option for those looking to go a bit further on their 701 would be to add a 6-litre Rade Garage auxiliary tank. Their retro-fit option replaces the standard airbox with a smaller, foam filter option and uses the extra space created to house the extra fuel. The whole kit costs around £367 and you can also add an uprated rally screen if you want, too (this costs another £950).

Existing 701 owners can also buy the LR kit separately to extend their range. Rather than costing the same £900 you pay extra for a new bike though, the kit costs £1742 and includes the tank, all the new plastics and a revised seat.

Or, if you’re thinking of getting more serious about off roading with intent on your 701, look no further than the KIT701. For around £5680 you get everything you need to turn your bike into a fully fledged rally machine including extra fuel capacity, a full exhaust system and a navigation tower. Next stop: Dakar.

KIT701 Husqvarna 701 in action

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