Kymco RevoNEX electric naked set for 2021 release

The Kymco RevoNEX is expected in 2021
The Kymco RevoNEX is expected in 2021

Kymco have created the RevoNEX, an electric naked which they say will be on sale in 2021.

The smart-looking machine has a gearbox but can be left in second gear for slower city riding as 70mph can be achieved with this single cog.

The firm boast impressive figures and claim the RevoNEX can go from 0-60mph in 3.9s and from 0 to the top speed of 125mph in just 11.8 seconds.

There are four riding modes and sound has been engineered in an effort to create an emotive experience. The sound matches the riding modes which go from Poised (quiet), Assertive (a bit louder and a bit more power), Bold (starts curtains twitching), to Extreme (pass the earplugs).

Revealed a year on from the SuperNEX electric superbike concept, we’d expect a price of well over £20,000. No word on launch dates as yet, but keep an eye on MCN for the full Kymco RevoNEX review coming soon.

Kymco RevoNEX dash

Kymco tease new RevoNEX model ahead of Eicma trade show

First published: 29 October 2019 by Dan Sutherland

Kymco teased the RevoNEX ahead of Eicma 2019

Urban mobility experts, Kymco, have released a teaser video ahead of Eicma, in Milan, hinting at what appears to be a new electric bike designed for inner-city riding.

Called the 'RevoNEX', the video offers no hints as to what the new model could look like and is instead set in a number of European cities, including Paris and Milan, asking local people a number of questions relating to the future of personal transport.

Starting with the question 'What is the future of personal transportation?' each respondent claims the answer is found in electric vehicles, as well as sustainable energy sources, suggesting this new machine will use an electric motor.

This is further compounded by the 'NEX' element of the name, which also features on the electric Ionex scooter and SuperNEX electric superbike concept, which first appeared at Eicma in 2018.

From here, the interviewees are asked 'How would you like your NEX motorbike?' to which people claim it must be exciting and sound good, but also be safe for the user.

This then leads onto each of them being shown a tablet, presumably revealing the finished machine, with each recipient appearing shocked and impressed by what they’ve seen.

Whether the new bike will be a scooter or motorcycle is unclear, however all looks set to be revealed on Tuesday, 5 November, at Eicma. We will bring you more information surrounding the new bike as we get it.

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