On a charge! It's the best electric motorbikes coming soon in 2021

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Electric motorcycles are only becoming better and more common, so it’s no surprise that there’s more to come in 2020, and beyond.

We’ve already ridden a the Harley-Davidson Livewire, which was the first series production electric motorcycle from a mainstream bike builder who usually specialises in machines using an internal combustion engine. 

These days consumers are looking for more from their electric bikes, and, as evidenced by the electric cars industry, the time it fully charges in is becoming more important than the highest outright range. Battery packs are becoming so advanced now that 120 miles per charge isn’t unrealistic, while the Energica Ego MotoE sport bike proves electric power can cut it on track too. 

At the other end of the spectrum we have bikes like the Super Soco TC Max, that offer 125 thrills for not a lot of money, and the Vespa Elettrica twist-and-go scooter makes the ideal commuter. 

Here are the most important electric motorbikes coming in 2020 and 2021

Energica RS models

Energica EGO+ RS Credit: Lorenzo-Concari

MotoGP bike provider Energica have revealed some sportier RS versions of the Ego, EsseEsse9 and Eva Ribelle. Read more here.

BMW Definition CE 04

The BMW electric scooter concept

BMW have now revealed a Definition CE 04 concept: a technologically advanced electric scooter that brings their 2017 Concept Link one step closer to mass production reality. 

Get the full story here.

Damon Hypersport Pro

Damon Hypersport Pro electric superbike

This electric superbike has some impressive claimed figures. Well, it’s just the one number – 200. That’s 200hp, 200mph and 200 miles between charges.

Get the full story here.

Zapp i300

Zapp i300 electric scooter

Designed in the UK and built in Thailand, the Zapp i300 is a city scooter with serious performance, including a peak torque figure of 433lb-ft!

Other spec highlights include a pair of removable 5kg battery packs, lots of personalisation and a novel £19/week finance offer.

Read more here.



Finnish bike builders RMK are hoping to be producing 4000 bikes per year by 2025 and the first of them is the striking E2. Featuring a hubless rear wheel design, the bike makes 67bhp, has a top speed of 100mph and charges to 80% in just two hours.

The E2 has now been confirmed for series production, and we’re expecting to see the finished article at Eicma in Milan in November 2019.

Read about the RMK E2 here

Harley-Davidson electric concepts revealed at X-Games

Hot on the heels of the Livewire launch, we saw a host of electric concepts debut at the X-Games in 2019. Read more here.

Arc Vector

Arc Vector with its hub-centre steering

Jaguar Land Rover-backed firm Arc unveiled their Vector project at Eicma, 2018, with a range of high-tech features including a helmet with heads-up display (that is also the key) and a jacket that warns you of impending danger using vibrations to “tap you on the shoulder”.

All that tech is accompanied by hub-centre steering, a 133bhp motor with 292ftlb of torque, a claimed range of 362 miles; but the most astounding stat is the £90,000 price tag.

However, in September 2019 MCN reported that Arc entered administration due to a funding issue. Will the Vector project be saved? We’ll be the first to let you know…

Read more here.

Triumph announce TE-1 electric motorcycle project collaboration

Triumph's factory in Hinckley

In May 2019 Triumph announced a tie-in with several British organisations to accelerate the development of an electric motorcycle project. While no bike has been revealed, this news is a firm indication that you may be able to order an electric Triumph soon… read more here.

Honda reveal CR-E electric motocross concept bike

Honda CR-E electric motocross bike

The twist-and-go concept takes learnings from tuners Mugen and is based on a CRF250R crosser. There’s no word on a launch date or price, but this is very much a statement of intent from Honda. More details here.

Ducati working on the “perfect electric bike”

The Italian company states electric bikes are for the future rather than right now, but also that they’re working on a project to create the best one on sale. We’ve got no firm word on how this will manifest itself, but that’s pretty punchy talk… read more here.

In the meantime, Ducati have launched an e-mtb, or electric mountain bike, called MIG-RR. It’ll be available in the UK from dealerships in Manchester and Crawley.

Ducati eMTB

Lightning Strike – a £10k electric bike?

Lightning Strike

American electric superbike manufacturers, Lightning, have announced a new bike that could be the first truly affordable, useable electric motorcycle. Its list price in the US is $12,998 (roughly £9895) so if launched in Europe, it’ll be the first £10k electric bike. Range is quoted as “70 to 100 miles” for the standard 10kWh version, while Strike Mid and Carbon Editions get 105-150 and 150-200 miles respectively thanks to their 15 and 20kWh batteries.

Read our full dossier on the Lightning Strike here.

Curtiss concepts

These concept bikes from Curtiss are certainly innovative...

Despite until recently only offering a 2163cc V-twin petrol bike for sale, Curtiss are an electric bike manufacturer. They have only released prototypes and concepts so far, including a café racer and bobber variant of their Zeus concept. There’s also a fantastic-looking Zeus 8 shown above – a bike we’ve heard will be heading for limited-run production in 2020 thanks to a collaboration between Curtiss and ‘Fast Radius’. Read more here.

BMW Concept Link

BMW Concept Link

This isn’t real, yet, but BMW already have an electric scooter in the C Evolution and something like the Concept Link (above) could be the next step. The interesting thing about the Concept Link is that it also acts as a communication device, connecting to your online accounts and calendar. Read more here.

eRockit pedal-powered electric motorbike

It might look more like a pushbike, but the eRockit needs a motorbike licence to operate. It takes the power of your legs and multiplies it by 50 times, meaning serious acceleration and 50mph top speed. The problem? It’ll cost £10,500… Read more here.

BMW Vision DC Roadster electric concept

BMW Vision DC Roadster

BMW have unveiled the Vision DC Roadster – a naked electric concept bike that moves the electric boxer story on once again after the radical Vision Next 100 bike shown three years ago. This shock move comes as BMW press the accelerator on their program of electrification, promising 25 models across the business by 2023.

For the DC Roadster a huge block of longitudinal batteries replace the typical boxer engine block, with the electric motor slung underneath. The two ‘cylinders’ are actually radiators with cooling fans (that retract when the bike is parked), not only giving the bike the appearance of a classic boxer but also retaining that ‘air-cooled cylinders in the wind’ vibe of the original 1932 onward machines. Read more here.

Fuell Flow

Fuell Flow render

This image shows the first full-fat electric motorbike from Fuell. The Flow is set to get either 11kW or 35kW motors (making it 125cc A1, or A2 licence suitable, respectively) and 50 litres of storage thanks to a hub-mounted motor in the back wheel. Read more here.

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