Sur-ron LBX electric cross-over is a winner

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The new electric Sur-ron LBX is the two-wheeled equivalent of the missing link, effectively bridging the gap between bicycles and motorcycles.

It’s more like a lightweight motorbike than a big pushbike – with no pedals and all the power control coming from a proper twist grip, while the rest of its cycle parts, like the suspension (which is adjustable), brakes, wheels and tyres are all built specifically for a bike of this size.

The result is that it weighs just 50kg but doesn’t feel flimsy like an up-specced push bike. The LBX comes in two versions: a purely off-road X model (that can only legally be ridden on private land) and a road-going L1E model.

To make it road-going, the L1E has mirrors, indicators, proper headlights and a numberplate. As standard the L1E is also restricted to 28mph so it’s classified as a moped, however you can have it derestricted if you’ve got the licence to suit (a full category A motorcycle licence).

There’s a button to swap from Sport to Eco mode but on the restricted model, both deliver the same peak power and top-out at 28mph. Power comes from an 8bhp electric motor (4bhp continuous), which is fed by a 1.9 kWh battery.

At full chat they combine to deliver a derestricted top speed of 47mph for a range of 24 miles. Ridden more sedately it’s good for 40 miles and ridden around town like a saint might see you eke out 60 miles. Once it’s completely flat it takes around 3.5 hours to recharge.

On the road it rides just like you might imagine a small electric moped will. Speed off the line is fine and it does indeed clamber most of the way to 50mph which does generate some nervousness, especially on those skinny tyres.

I’d personally feel a little vulnerable dicing it with cars at that speed but around town I’d have no issues. Instead, off-road is where it makes the most sense. Point it down a green lane and the LBX is an absolute hoot.

Without any need to worry about stalling or clutch control, you can just point it at obstacles and twist the throttle.

The torquey delivery means it will clamber over pretty much anything you’d want to and the low weight makes it easy to catch a wobble if you start to topple. At £4495 for the L1E it’s not cheap, but for low-speed weekend fun it could be just the ticket.

Sur-ron highlights

  • 8bhp/28ftlb
  • Up to 60-mile range
  • 50kg ready to ride
  • X: £3995 / L1E: £4495

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