BSB riders join the chase to ride5000miles

Dan Linfoot during a European tour
Dan Linfoot during a European tour

Despite the thrill of racing bikes professionally, a number of British championship riders have been enjoying serious road miles this year, too.

“I just love motorbikes and even on a weekend off from racing, I’ll go for a ride,” BSB rider, Dan Linfoot, told MCN.

Having enjoyed a 2500-mile trip to the Austrian Grand Prix earlier this year aboard his own Triumph Street Triple RS, the BSB star can often be found riding with his Dad, who owns a 2008 Aprilia Tuono.

Dan Linfoot went on a European tour

“We went to Germany and the Black Forest and we did the Stelvio Pass in the Alps,” he added.

“We were lucky with the weather for six of the seven days away. When we got back to England it started raining and didn’t stop until we got back to Yorkshire.”

Another racer on the road is 2019 British Superstock champ, Richard Cooper, who covers big miles as a development rider, as well as commuting on his trusty 87,000 mile Honda CB500.

Riding on the road since 17, Cooper passed his Direct Access aged 21 and now rides daily. “Riding on the road is a different mind-set to racing,” he says. “It takes me 20 minutes to get ready in the morning with all of the Gore-Tex I need to wear.

“The way you dress is so different to racing. When I race, I want as much feel as possible, whereas riding to work, I’m just trying to stay warm and dry.”

Another is former WSB race winner-turned sidecar ace, Chris Walker, who’s owned road bikes throughout his career and now uses them to commute to his Grantham Indian and Kawasaki dealership and the occasional weekend blast.

Chris Walker and family aboard their Ducati Scrambler and sidecar

“I love riding on the road,” he says. “It’s not exciting like racing but you’re in the elements and it makes you feel alive.

“I’ve always wanted to ride to the Nürburgring and go around the track. I’ve raced on the short circuit but never the big circuit.

“If I was going to plan a trip for a big birthday, then that’s what I’d really like to do.”

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Richard Cooper in his hi-vis get-up