More riders use their machines to help the Coronavirus fightback

Bill Davison with his Aprilia Falco
Bill Davison with his Aprilia Falco

Despite the slight relaxing of lockdown in England, the threat of Covid-19 is far from over and #ride5000miles members are continuing to use their bikes to support those most in need.

“I’m not doing it for the glory,” says Louth-based Michelle Gardner, 46, who’s been using her ER-6f to deliver prescriptions, as well as travel to her job as a delivery driver.

Darting between the Lincolnshire town’s pharmacies, Michelle can have up to five prescriptions to deliver at any one time. That done, she commutes 15 miles each way to work using the Kawasaki as her sole form of transport.

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“I’m volunteering because I’m providing a service, I like biking and I like meeting people,” she said. “I collect from four chemists in Louth, so it’s a case of going around them and then dropping prescriptions off.

“One old lady said how unusual it was that I was on a bike and she wanted to send a picture to her granddaughter.”

Michelle Gardner received an orchid for her service

Michelle’s exploits haven’t gone unnoticed and she was given an orchid by local firm Fortis Therapy & Training, having been nominated by a recipient of her services.

“I was just overwhelmed and humbled,” she explained. “At the end of the day, I’m providing a service and I’m keeping people stocked with medication.”

Once Covid-19 is gone, Michelle plans to restart her RoSPA training and become Blood Bike volunteer.

Elsewhere, 2005 Aprilia SL1000 Falco owner, Bill Davison, 61, has been using his bike to provide lockdown therapy – travelling to work as a site supervisor at The Loyne Specialist School, in Lancaster.

Bill makes the 52-mile round trip three days a week – opening the school and ensuring facilities are up to standard.

“When you’re on the bike, you’re in a little bubble,” the Kendal rider told MCN. “It’s just a great escape.”