Norasport Championship from Three Sisters

Published: 04 June 2008

Round Three of the Gimoto National Supermoto Championship took place at the Three Sisters Circuit in Wigan, and a warm sunny circuit welcomed the riders out for practice.

450 National Championships

Andy Mitchell led the first of three 450 races, faultlessly holding the front position unchallenged to the final flag.

Second to fourth positions were hotly contested with James Addy challenging Lee Jones at every opportunity, and as these two battled it out David Farmer constantly took any advantage he could gain. By the final lap the top three had settled down with Andy Mitchell and James Addy gaining ground from Lee Jones and David Farmer.

In race two Lee Jones tried hard to exit the first corner in the lead but was cut off by Andy Mitchell who then led the first lap, Lee was then the first rider over the line to start lap two.

This left James Addy in third from David Farmer. Coming out of the dirt section going lap three Andy Mitchell found himself in front again as Lee Jones was remounting his bike to find himself in twenty third spot.

By the final lap James Addy had taken the second win of the day away from Andy Mitchell, who was followed now by Richard Sharpe and David Farmer, while Chris Walker finished in fifth.

In the final race Andy Mitchell had the early lead but James Addy quickly positioned himself in third behind David Farmer. James Addy then spent the mid part of the race lining up Andy Mitchell, and he took the advantage of backmarkers to take the lead and then the final win of the day.

National Open Championship

Andy Mitchell first away at the front began to extend the lead from Richard Blakeman who was being hunted down by James Addy. By the third lap James Addy had secured second place but had some hard riding to do to catch up with Andy Mitchell.

Andy would secure the first win from James Addy and Richard Blakeman.

Andy Mitchell led again from the start of the second race, but James Addy closed in every lap, and had to settle for second with only a tenth of a second over the line for the finish.

Carl Shield didn’t take too long to pass Richard Blakeman and secure third position and then the top three were unchallenged.

In a restarted A group final Richard Blakeman had the early lead but spun out to find himself in eighth position, leaving Andy Mitchell in first place with James Addy applying pressure all the time; and Carl Shield holding a clear third position.

James Addy then managed to pass Andy going onto the dirt section with four laps to go; he then started to extend his lead.

Lee Cunliffe took the advantage and moved up to take the third place trophy with Shane Parkin reaping the reward for a hard days, riding with a fourth place finish.

James Addy took the final win of the day, with Andy Mitchell in second place but scooping the best points on the day.