Norasport National Supermoto from Blyton

Published: 24 June 2008

Round four of the Gimoto National Supermoto series took place this weekend, and the weather as usual tested the rider’s skills.

A damp Saturday left many riders having to repeatedly change tyres, while Sunday started with glorious sunshine and the dry track conditions offered some seriously fast racing. The unmistakable British Superbike rider Guy Martin was around the paddock most of the day, and apart from autographs; tea making looked a good second job.

In the 450 championship on Saturday James Addy seemed to have a convincing lead in the first lap of race one, but over the line to start lap two it was Shane Parkin who was now leading the race with Andy Mitchell in second.

From there on Parkin pulled out enough of a lead to keep the charging James Addy at bay, and secure the first win of the day. Richard Sharp had third spot from Chris Walker in fourth. Lee Rudd came out best after a race long battle with Brad Davey to take seventh place.

Shane Parkin started at the front of the second race but by the second lap Andy Mitchell and James Addy were batting for this coveted position, and in the third lap James had the best run through the off road section to take the front spot. From here he had sealed the second victory from Andy Mitchell in second.

Third and fourth place finishers were of Richard Sharp and Chris Walker, with Shane Parkin finishing in a respectable fifth.

In the first few laps of the final race James Addy would have to stave off the advances of Andy Mitchell, who was pressuring him at every opportunity.  Andy allowed Chris Walker to make his way though to second place behind James. By now there was too much distance for him to be a serious challenge, so James went on to take his second win and a bagful of points, while Chris Walker took the second place trophy.

Andy Mitchell finished in third place with Shane Parkin in fourth and Richard Sharp, who had ridden really well all day, in fifth place.

In the first race for the Open Championship Andy Mitchell had a flying start, and an early lead while Carl Shield, Lee Cunliffe and James Addy hung on close behind. By the third lap James Addy had secured second place but Andy had already stretched out a clear lead, Lee Cunliffe held off Carl Shield for most of the race but a mistake allowed Carl to take third while Lee would come over the line in sixth. Ricky Higgs and Richard Sharp took fourth and fifth.

In the second race Ricky Higgs had the best start, and it was a few laps before Andy Mitchell regained the lead, but once in front he pulled out a significant lead. Ricky then came under pressure from James Addy but he couldn’t make the pass so Ricky took second place and James third.

In the final race Ricky Higgs stole the lead from Andy Mitchell on the first entry to the dirt, but before long Andy had returned the favour and was starting to pull another good lead; but in the fourth lap the dirt section bit again, and as Andy remounted his machine James Addy and Ricky Higgs came through to take first and second places.

These three were now clear in the top three positions while Richard Sharpe had a lonely race in fourth.

Ben Kirkman got up to 15th place and took away a set of tyres for the best crash of the day.