Knockhill British Superbikes: Stuart Easton out of home BSB

Published: 08 August 2008

Stuart Easton has had to pull out of his home British Superbike round at Knockhill after just one session this morning.

Easton was hoping to make a comeback after his massive 181mph crash at Snetterton on June 14, but with a short recovery timeframe up against him, he’s opted to sit out this weekend.

The 24-year old broke his right wrist in the crash and only had the pin holding it together removed a week ago.

But he and the team were both hopeful he’d be able to compete this weekend, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Easton was languishing down in 25th in the standings in the first session, 1.4 seconds off the pace.

He said: “My wrist is just really weak.

“I’ve got movement – certainly enough to ride – but it is very restricted.

“The pain I can deal with, that’s not the problem. My wrist is just as weak as water, and that’s what is holding me back.

“When you’re 1.4 seconds off on one lap here then you’re going to get lapped.

“I’ve never got in peoples way all my career and when I do something I want to do it right, as do the team.

“If there was one round I didn’t want to miss it was Knockhill.”

Easton will now be replaced with the team’s Metzler Racetec National Superstock 1000 rider, Steve Mercer.

He completed 12-laps this morning in the opening free practice session when Easton pulled in.

“I’ve got an hour on and then an hour off bikes all weekend now,” said an excited Mercer.

“That last session I went out just to feel my way round and the team is going to make the bike feel more like my Superstock machine.

“I’ve been training bloody hard – good job too!

“The Superbike is a lot quicker and has that little bit more than the Superstock bike in every single way – it’s going to be good fun.”