Michael Rutter: “It was like being taken hostage”

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Michael Rutter said his ordeal stuck out in Thailand for a week was like being in prison after the 26-time British Superbike race winner was stranded at Bangkok airport.

Rutter had stayed out in Thailand following the Macau GP as a holiday.

But the 35-year old wasn’t able to fly back on November 26 after anti-government protestors took over the countries central airport.

In fact, Rutter didn’t fly back to the UK until December 3 after flying back from one of the countries military bases.

Rutter said: “F**k, it was terrible.

“You don’t know what to think when it happens to you – especially when there were people in the airport charging round stealing everything they could get their hands on

“The worst thing was being stuck out there and knowing there were people I could talk to at the NEC about rides.

“It felt like we were being taken hostage.

“We stayed in a hotel in Bangkok during the time we were stuck there but it did feel like you were in jail – you could go out and do what you liked but it was a horrible feeling not being able to come home.

“It definitely makes you appreciate England a lot more!”

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull