Ducati WSB squad gets major reshuffle for 2010

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Following Davide Tardozzi’s switch from the Xerox Ducati squad to BMW, WSB project leader Ernesto Marinelli was immediately installed as the new team manager.

Now with the 2010 season set to kick off in Australia in seven weeks time the Italian manufacturer have announced a host of other key changes within the team.

Marco Lozej arrives from the MotoGP development team to become technical manager for the WSB squad as well as being track engineer for Michel Fabrizio.

Having worked directly with Marinelli in 2009, Haga will get a new track engineer in the guise of former GSE technician Luca Ferraccioli.

Haga will also get a new electronics engineer Marco Frigerio, who arrives from the factory MotoGP team and a new tyre technician, Massimo Meneghin.

Marinelli said:  “2010 will be a little different but I am extremely confident as well as optimistic”, commented Ernesto Marinelli, the Ducati Xerox Team Manager.

“Despite the important reorganization within the team, in reality most of the new members have already been working in Ducati for some time.

"Both Marco Lozej and Luca Ferraccioli have worked in Ducati for years and have a wealth of experience as well as great technical ability and personality.

“2010 once again represents a new challenge - we have faced many over the years and in most cases we have come out victorious.

"We will be doing our very best to take another title this year; our riders are in great shape and the entire team is more motivated than ever.”

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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

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