Nuvo FX-1 Carbon

Nuvo FX-1 Carbon helmet, £209.99
Miles covered/time
: 600/three weeks

What’s good: It’s an affordable, uni-composite carbon lid. That means it’s very light – 1300g – and its sleek, flickering reflections will send a frisson of excitement through your gut early on a Sunday morn.

The vents are unobtrusive and – despite four unmissable NUVO logos – it’s quite the looker.

What’s not: Most other things. The plain colours version of the Nuvo FX-1 Carbon is £120 cheaper, and it shows.

The QD flush-fit visor mechanism is swift, but clunky and unattractive – yes, it was used in older Shoei lids, but they’ve since moved on – and the internal visor is similarly budget.

The internal plastic nose guard actually directs airflow into your eyes, effectively negating the visor. Thankfully it’s removable.

The lining is far less supportive and comfortable than Nuvo’s more affordable SP2, meaning your nose may well touch the chin guard at speed. For quality, it can’t compete with similarly priced AGVs or HJCs.

Rating: 2/5

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