Suit review: Wolf Kangaroo Sport

Wolf Kangaroo Sport one piece leathers, £749.99
Miles covered/time?
20,000/six years

What’s good: I’ve owned these leathers for over six years and have been impressed with them for a number of reasons.

Being made from kangaroo they’ve fitted well and been comfortable from the day I got them and despite their high mileage have maintained their shape well.

Compared to cowhide leathers the Wolfs are light, which makes them easy to live with even if you’ve got them on all day.

Being so light and comfortable I was unsure about the outright level of protection but after suffering my first crash in them at the end of last year I remain impressed.

After low-siding my GSX-R1000 at Brands Hatch at around 60mph I walked away unscathed.

The amount of damage to the leathers was minimal and all the stitching and panels remained intact meaning that the suit is still safe to wear.

What’s not? Difficult to fault.

Contact:, 01773-864420
Rating: 5/5