Product review: Halfords Advanced 8-piece screwdriver set

Published: 16 February 2010

Halfords Advanced 8-piece screwdriver set £9.49 (on offer, normal price £19.99)
Miles covered/time: One year

What’s good? I’ve learnt a frustrating lesson with cheap screwdrivers – do anything more than prize the lid from paint tins and they invariably knacker bolt heads or break. This set has proved its worth on various two-wheeled projects, fitting screw heads snugly with a decent grip. They’ve also withstood being hit with hammers to help break seized threads before loosening without breaking or wearing so far.

What’s not? They’re a bit short for some tasks – I’ve purchased an additional extra long Philips screwdriver in the same style for £4.49 to reach my carb rubber clamps. Also, since I bought mine they seem to have consistently been on offer or reduced in price – mildly annoying! But they weren’t extortionate to start with, so I don’t feel too bad. They’re a bargain if you can get them for under a tenner.
Contact: or local store.
Rating: 5/5