Best tank ring motorcycle tankbags tested by MCN staff

When it comes to riding motorbikes, there is often a need to carry more with us than we can fit into our pockets, especially if you are a sportsbike rider in full leathers. There are a few options available with rucksacks, leg bags, tail bags, panniers or tank bags. Which you chose will probably depend on your choice of bike and personal taste and preference.

What is a tank bag?

A tank bag is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a bag that fits to the fuel tank. They tend to be fitted either using magnetic panels on the bottom of the bag or by a fuel cap ring. Magnetic attachment is quick and easy but may not be as secure if you want to carry a larger load and may result in scratching the finish and pant on the fuel tank. The ring attachment systems are more secure but can be a little more fiddly and leave behind a rigid plastic ring when the bag is removed.


MCN tested ring lock tank bags

Price: £75.89 (was £109.99)
Tried and tested by Dan Sutherland for one year and 2,000 miles - "It’s well made, feels robust, is stable at speed, and you can grab whatever you need without getting off the bike. As such, I’ve left it in place for thousands of miles aboard my Suzuki GSX-8S. It was particularly handy on a week-long tour to the 2023 Isle of Man TT races. With space to store your essentials, as well as things like passports and breathalysers on a longer foreign tour, I’d happily recommend it to anyone – performing well on my daily commute and staying solid during a 125mph blast across the TT’s one-way mountain section."

"Although I wouldn’t trust it to be 100% waterproof, it does feature water-resistant zips, with a main cubbyhole, key compartment, and an upper pouch with a clear screen and sun visor – a perfect place for a phone or satnav. There’s also a small gap for you to route a cable out the front of the pack, allowing me to plug a charging lead into a USB-C port mounted on the bike."

"A headstock strap, complete with a helmet-style Double D-ring fastener helps keep the bag securely in place. Although easy to fasten, it does dangle annoyingly when off the bike – meaning I’ll often tie it in a knot to stop it dragging. This is paired with a fixed, bike-specific metal plate (costing an extra £19.99) that attaches around the rim of the petrol tank – allowing you to click the bag in place bothbquickly and securely. Disconnected with a chunky red lever on the right, it can sometimes be a struggle to match the base plate to the gaps in the bottom of the tank bag when fitting."

"Some won’t like the look of the mounting metalwork when then luggage isn’t attached. A magnetic base is available as an alternative. After plenty of use, some of the blue material is beginning to show a few splodges of staining from road muck, but besides that it still looks and performs as good as new – with the chunky carry handle providing additional practicality off of the bike."


  • Feels well made
  • It's stable at speed


  • Can be tricky to line up when attaching
  • Quality
  • Value
Capacity 5 litres
Clamp style Tank cap ring system
Waterproof Water resistant
  • Electrical port with internal pocket to carry a device
  • Anti-glare pocket for GPS devices and smart phones
  • Can be attached by magnet also
  • Key pocket
Price: £182.81 (was £196.00)
Tried and tested by Joseph Wright for three months and 2,000 miles - "The SW MOTECH PRO range offers a sporty and aerodynamic shape, with ballistic nylon material, looking well at home attached to bikes that are meant to go fast. The magnetic pro tank ring can be fitted to your fuel tank in under five minutes via the four screws. You can then helpfully reposition the bag on your bike using the upper ring guide rail, allowing for a flush fit. Once adjusted to suit you can simply throw this bag on your tank and it will hold in place with reassuring strength.

"The bag has an expandable main compartment, but also an additional two exterior side zip pockets plus two interior pouches and, as if this wasn’t enough, the lid has a further integrated zip pocket. For me it has the ideal amount of storage (12 litres) but if you ever get caught in a jam you can undo the expansion zipper raising the storage capacity to 17 litres. I have found it to be just tall enough to lean on when grinding through the motorway miles, but with a slim profile that isn’t restrictive when hitting the twisties."

"The fact that you can expand this bag by that additional five litres means that you can have it at maximum height when needing the support for your wrists and the storage, but also flat and aerodynamic when you are leaning off the bike. The only extra thing I had hoped to see in the box was a smartphone dry bag. This is available to purchase separately (which is what I did) and fits snug using the included Molle attachment system. I have been incredibly impressed by this product, as it’s made longer-distance riding far more practical without spoiling the riding experience or the looks of the bike. Makes riding a pocket rocket more comfortable, too."


  • Ideal to take weight off wrists
  • It's easy to fit
  • It's a great size


  • Dry bag for a smartphone is sold separately
  • Quality
  • Value
Capacity 12-17 litres
Clamp style Pro top ring
Waterproof? No but included rain cover
  • Two outer pockets
  • Pre-assembled top ring guide rail for ergonomic adjustment of the tank bag
  • Cable feed-through both front and rear
  • Can be used with a cable lock or anti-theft protection
Price: £125.27 (was £134.99)
Tested by Richard Newland for three months, 500 miles - "You can’t beat a good tankbag, and SW Motech make some of the best. This ‘PRO’ system adds a self-guiding magnetic mount to their long-established tank ring mounts, which I’m testing with their 6-9L expandable Daypack."

"It’s superb in use. Simply glide the tankbag (there are seven styles to choose from, climbing from 3L to 25L in capacity) over the tank ring and it’ll suck the bag down onto the locking ring where it snaps in place with a reassuring clunk. Once located, it won’t come off without you pulling the red cord to force it to release its vice-like grip. The tank ring is unobtrusive when not in use, and the system makes refuelling a doddle."

"The bags are superb quality, too. They’re built, rather than made, and I’ve covered many thousands of miles with them without any failures or degradation – or even serious wear. I’ve used other SW Motech tankbags for over 40,000 miles on multiple bikes, and they still look nearly new. If you have multiple bikes, you will need a ring on each – but only one bag."

"The outer is tough and protective, highly UV-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon, the inner boasts useful pockets and compartments, the zips are durable… everything just works. I like the understated techy styling, too. The only faff is the separate rain cover, but I can attest to its effectiveness in even the harshest of persistent rain. Pricey, yes – but worth every penny."


  • It's easy to use
  • The bag is good quality


  • Rain cover is separate, the bag isn't waterproof
  • <strong>Value</strong>
  • <strong>Quality</strong>
Capacity 6-9 litres
Clamp style MOLLE attachment
Waterproof? Separate cover
  • Weather protection with the supplied rain cover
  • Cable feed-through both front and rear
  • Compatible with nearly any steel tank
  • Magnetic attachment


How does a tank ring attachment work?

The tank attachment ring will screw into the fuel filler cap ring. This allows the tank bag to be locked onto this ring keeping it secure.

What is the benefit of a ring attachment over magnetic?

The ring style attachment does not come into contact with the paintwork of the tank. A magnetic attachment could scratch paintwork on the fuel tank.

What size tank bag should I buy?

The main thing to bear in mind is that if you fit a large tank bag this could get in the way of your reach to the bars and restrict your steering movement.

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