MOTO-GUZZI CALIFORNIA (1997 - 2012) Review


  • An Italian cruiser that handles
  • A great all-rounder bike
  • Seriously comfortable ride

At a glance

Owners' reliability rating: 3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
Annual servicing cost: £130
Power: 75 bhp
Seat height: Low (29.9 in / 760 mm)
Weight: High (553 lbs / 251 kg)

Overall rating

Next up: Ride & brakes
4 out of 5 (4/5)

An Italian with real history – the Moto Guzzi California 1100EV hasn’t changed hugely since the 850cc version of 1972. But it’s still a machine well worth considering. The California 1100EV is a cruiser / tourer that actually handles.

The transverse Moto Guzzi V-twin engine has a chunky, chuggy character and while the California 1100EV's not superb at anything, it’s a great all rounder.

At the time, other options included the retro-style Moto Guzzi Vintage, unfaired Moto Guzzi California Classic and Moto Guzzi California Touring.

For those who want to join a community once you've read this review and our owners' reviews, why not head to an online forum such as the Moto Guzzi Club GB? This bike was replaced in 2013 by the Moto-Guzzi California 1400.

Ride quality & brakes

Next up: Engine
4 out of 5 (4/5)

How can an Italian antique outperform Japanese computer design in their high-tech factories? Well, the Moto Guzzi California 1100EV handles amazingly well with much less wobble and wallow than most Japanese cruisers of the time.

Moto Guzzi have been making bikes since 1921 and manage to make the simple steel cradle and modest twin-shock suspension work extremely well in the California 1100EV.

Moto-Guzzi California 1100EV side profile


Next up: Reliability
3 out of 5 (3/5)

The Moto Guzzi California 1100EV is equiped with a 1064cc engine with Magneti Marelli fuel injection bringing an old power plant reasonably up to date.

With almost 70bhp at the rear wheel of the Califonria 1100EV and much less weight than the big Harley-Davidsons of the day, the Moto Guzzi is nippy for a large custom/tourer.

More importantly the Moto Guzzi California 1100EV has oodles of easy low rev torque and a merry, doughty character.

Moto-Guzzi California 1100EV in white front three quarter

Reliability & build quality

Next up: Value
2 out of 5 (2/5)

Finish can be poor on some Moto Guzzis. Reliability is generally good but some niggles can occur.

Beware if the reset knob on the California 1100EV falls off the trip-meter – you have to buy the whole new clock.

Noisy tappets may mean cams and followers need replacing which is a pricy job. Moto Guzzi California 1100EV exhaust down pipes should be yellowy not blue if the engine is running correctly.

Moto-Guzzi California 1100EV in maroon front three quarters

Our Moto Guzzi California owners' reviews are relatively positive. There have been a few issues with reliability but in the main owners seem happy with their bikes. 

In November 2001 the firm issued a safety recall on all California Specials and EVs produced after 1997 with alloy rims.

An inner safety rim needs to be fitted to the hub as there is a possibility that spoke nipples could break free and damage the transmission. 

Value vs rivals

Next up: Equipment
4 out of 5 (4/5)

The Moto Guzzi California 1100EV is not cheap new but there’s plenty of rivals that are much, much pricier. 

The California 1100EV is well priced on the used market, especially when compared to Harleys which hardly depreciate. Japanese cruisers can look cheaper but few handle as well and none have the heritage or charisma of the Moto Guzzi California 1100EV.

Alongside the Italian Guzzi, other cruisers of this vintage to consider include the Harley-Davidson Road King, which mixes iconic American 50s style with bags of comfort. 

If that isn't your cup of tea, you could also consider the Triumph Rocket III Touring, which arrived in 2007. This is a much more powerful option, though, but features plenty of comfort and a wide screen.

For those fancying something a little more quirky, you might also look toward the BMW R1200C. Producing a gentle 61bhp from its boxer twin, there was also a full-dress CL version available, complete with fairing, luggage and more.

See the rival Triumph Rocket III Touring in action here:


4 out of 5 (4/5)

The Moto Guzzi California 1100EV's shaft drive is convenient, linked front and rear brakes are novel but effective.

The California 1100EV's seat is comfy and the riding position suits most. For covering distance you’ll probably want to add a screen and panniers to this Moto Guzzi. Footboards don’t suit everyone and heel/toe gear change takes a little getting used to.

In March 2001 Moto Guzzi unveiled two new cruisers which gave us a taste of the direction the firm was going in under new owner Aprilia.

Both were based on the long-time favourite California cruiser and were to be produced in strictly limited numbers.

Moto-Guzzi California 1100EV clocks

The new California Stone was a stripped-to-the-bone version of the venerable V-twin. Even the chrome was restrained. It was available in black, grey white or orange, each in a matt finish.

The most significant changes were under the skin. The engine was still the basic 74bhp, 1064cc twin, but to increase reliability, many of the electronics were changed.

This revamp caried through to parts like the controls and switches on the bars, which were replaced with new, Aprilia-derived versions. Altogether, there were around 200 new parts on the bike.

The same improvements appeared on the firm’s other new limited-edition machine the California Special Sport. On this you got two-tone paint, extra chrome, twin front discs and high-rise bars.


Engine size 1064cc
Engine type 4v V-twin, 5 gears
Frame type Steel cradle
Fuel capacity 19 litres
Seat height 760mm
Bike weight 251kg
Front suspension Preload
Rear suspension Preload, rebound, compression
Front brake Twin 320mm discs
Rear brake 285mm disc
Front tyre size 110/90 x 18
Rear tyre size 140/80 x 18

Mpg, costs & insurance

Average fuel consumption 44 mpg
Annual road tax £117
Annual service cost £130
New price -
Used price -
Insurance group 11 of 17
How much to insure?
Warranty term Two year unlimited mileage

Top speed & performance

Max power 75 bhp
Max torque 73 ft-lb
Top speed 115 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 13.2 secs
Tank range 180 miles

Model history & versions

Model history

  • 1997: Original Moto Guzzi California 1100EV model launched.
  • 2001: Moto Guzzi California 1100EV updated. Power down 1bhp due to emissions regulations but otherwise improved.

Other versions

  • Moto Guzzi California 1100: 1994-1997, Updated version of the California III with larger engine. Replaced by the Moto Guzzi California 1100EV
  • Moto Guzzi California Jackal: 1999-2001, wide pull back handlebars, two piece matt grey seat
  • Moto Guzzi California Stone: 2001-, base model, 246kg, 74bhp
  • Moto Guzzi California Stone Chrome: 2001-2003, as Stone but with special paint and chrome finish.
  • Moto Guzzi California Special: 1998-2001, low rider custom style with deeper mudguards, swept back bars and two piece seat
  • Moto Guzzi California Special Sport: 2001-2002, updated version of the ‘Special’
  • Moto Guzzi California Special Aluminium: 2002-2003, all aluminium finish, larger tyres
  • Moto Guzzi California EV Touring: 2002-2006 wire spoke wheels, large screen, leg guards, pillion back rest.
  • Moto Guzzi California EV80: 2002-2003, red seat, chrome tank inserts, screen, leg guards, leather panniers

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Owners' reviews for the MOTO-GUZZI CALIFORNIA (1997 - 2012)

12 owners have reviewed their MOTO-GUZZI CALIFORNIA (1997 - 2012) and rated it in a number of areas. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Review your MOTO-GUZZI CALIFORNIA (1997 - 2012)

Summary of owners' reviews

Overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 (4.4/5)
Ride quality & brakes: 4.3 out of 5 (4.3/5)
Engine: 4.7 out of 5 (4.7/5)
Reliability & build quality: 3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
Value vs rivals: 4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
Equipment: 3.8 out of 5 (3.8/5)
Annual servicing cost: £130
5 out of 5 Moto Guzzi California Does Everything Well
02 January 2024 by Paul

Version: Vintage

Year: 2007

My bike is the 2007 Moto Guzzi California Vintage. My bike has 50K kms on it presently and I have done all the service on the bike myself. Other than routine maintenance the bike has been stone reliable for me. I've used Motul synthetic 10W60 oil in the bike and Mobil 1 automotive oil filters and that combination works quite well for this engine in my opinion. I can get 300kms of highway cruising out of a tank of gas and then the low fuel light will come on and I can usually get another 100kms. The linked brakes on this bike have saved my ass on a couple of occasions in emergency situations. The front disk operation of the bike is okay but using the linked braked system opens up a whole other world of confidence. These bikes can really lean over when you want to pretend you are on a sportier motorcycle. Through a set of curves the only thing holding you back is your own nerve because this bike will lean way over before anything scrapes or scrubs on you. In the right hands a good rider could embarrass some sport bikes on a California.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

The Brembo brakes are really good. I use EBC organic compound pads for the California and they work great. The linked braked system is much much better than what you would expect it would be. It's simply fabulous actually. The ride quality is good. The bike will do whatever you want it to.

Engine 5 out of 5

This is not a long stroke engine so you can lug it below 2000RPM and the bike operates fine enough, but for me personally, I find that riding the bike at 3000RPM and above is where things are the smoothest and the bike is in the better part of its power band. When you sort of get your head wrapped around riding the bike at 3000RPM and above it becomes this lovely smooth, tractable express machine. It makes a lovely noise. It's a Guzzi, its happy.

Reliability & build quality 4 out of 5

I've replaced the battery, brake pads, tires and I've gone through one set of fork seals. At one time one of the two horns on the bike stopped working but I fiddled around with a wire on a contact and it started working again.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

One of the beautiful things about these bikes, if you are moderately handy, you can do all the work yourself. I can check the valve clearance on both cylinders in about 20 minutes with the bike on the centre stand and while I sit on a milk crate. One of the most humane motorcycle maintenance experiences I have ever encountered in 30 years of owning motorcycles.

Equipment 4 out of 5

It's got a centre stand which is great. The seat is very comfortable. The saddle bags work well.

4 out of 5 2009 Calvin review
06 September 2022 by Chris

Version: Vintage

Year: 2009

Annual servicing cost: £100

Best value retro cruiser on the market. I have had a couple and they are so enjoyable to ride. Real old school feel but with some more modern concessions. Get it fully sorted and it should last a lifetime.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5

Nice comfy ride and very comfortable up to 75 mph; above that the lack of aerodynamics kicks in. A screen extender makes a big difference and I ride with an open visor now on motorway rides. Brakes are good. Suspension a bit soft for two up and I dial all right up for two up tours.

Engine 4 out of 5

The key to these injected engines is dialing out the factory imperfections. Fueling generally v poor from stock. I did a full reset from base on the TPS and the throttle bodies and that removed all flat spots. A power booster removed the low end lean running. Worth the effort. Engine smooth as butter at 3k rpm and 70mph. Could do with some more power and generating lower in the rev range. Overall one of the best engines ever.

Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5

Paint good. Chrome needs looking after, particularly the silencers. Reliability generally excellent but the in tank fuel filter and lines need sorting and the fuel tap and starter motor wont last forever. Disks tend to warp on the front. Speed reset knob needs removing and refitting with super glue, grease around grommet where the know passes through the speedo casing.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

Best value bike on the market! There is absolutely no need to take this bike to be serviced. Chances are the garage will not do it properly and you can save yourself loads of money and carry out a full service in just a few hours. Learn how to set the TPS and throttle bodies correctly and the rest is a doddle. I get 60 MPG one up and 55 two up. Tyres can be changed at home with 3 tyre levers required.

Equipment 3 out of 5

Vintage has leg shields, spot lights, screen, factory panniers, front fender supports, classic grab rail, and usual EV additions. Could do with a back rest option. No abs or rider aids.

Buying experience: I bought private. I recommend buying from a guzzi enthusiast. There are not enough knowledgeable dealers out there these days and the chances are they will do nothing of merit to a bike before selling it on. Calvins tend to be more expensive that the base models. I paid 3k for my stone and 5k for my vintage. Vintages currently selling for 4-10k.

5 out of 5 Perfect Guzzi
29 October 2021 by Keith Holyoake

Version: Stone

Year: 2002

Annual servicing cost: £200

Perfect retro bike for retro rider!

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

Good all-rounder. Reminds me of proper British bike without oil leaks. As cool as a HD Sportster and more reliable ( I’ve owned a Sportie too).

Engine 5 out of 5

Perfect. Quick and torquey while being laid back and thumpy.

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

My 20 year old bike has zero corrosion and would pass for nearly new. Excellent Aprilia build quality.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

Simple, easy to maintain yourself. Some jobs fiddly (fork oil change) so left to local service technician when changing and balancing tyres.

Equipment 5 out of 5

Zero provided but in my case zero required. Perfect as it is.

Buying experience: Private purchase from fellow ancient enthusiast

5 out of 5 California 1100i EV - great tourer
17 April 2020 by Wolfram Halupka

Version: EV

Year: 2006

Annual servicing cost: £100

wonderful touring bike, beautiful and rare.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

very comfortable, but still good control- which means the signora can lift her skirts, if called upon. Brembo Series dOro integral brakes very good.

Engine 5 out of 5

easily the best engine in my collection. not as smooth as a BMW R100S, but much more torquey. most driving done below 3000rpm, can trundle around in 4th or 5th at 1300rpm, which is just above idle

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

no problems. polished aluminum parts needs taking care of, but looks great.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

easy bike to work on. parts readily available via Stein-Dinse/Braunschweig, Germany.

Equipment 5 out of 5

rubber mounted foot boards very nice. normally, a Calif has black saddle bags- I've managed to locate the correct "rosso vintage" coloured inserts, very rare... with the big windscreen (standard with the Vintage) very good protection from wind & flies ;)

Buying experience: bought privately.

5 out of 5 Guzzi Cali ROUND TWO!!
18 March 2019 by Stuart Mudd

Version: EV80 (80th Anniversary Special)

Year: 2001

Annual servicing cost: £150

This is my second time around!! - I wrote the review below about the Cali Stone (smmudd83_1999). Well, since then I put 38k miles on that bike, sold it to emigrate from the UK to New Zealand, bought three other bikes and I find myself on ANOTHER California again. This one is old: 2001 (18 years old at time of writing). It's the EV80 so it has extra bits on it - twin front brakes and funky linked brake wotsit, sissy bar, expensive saddlebags, touring fairing and screen, footboards, leg shields, adjustable forks...Whatever. The bike is basically the same as my 2002 California Stone. The screen is nice and the panniers make it a good touring bike. Linked rear/front brake is really odd but you learn to trust it. I really missed that old Cali and this one makes me grin. If you don't like it after riding one it's probably because you are 12 and don't know what bikes before ABS, TC, Cruise Control, ESA, Lap Timer, CanBus, quick shifters are all about. Enough of that. Slow down. Enjoy it. Be rattled happy.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

Get lost Harley. MMMbwahahaha!

Engine 5 out of 5

Nowt like it. It doesn't go "potato, potato". It goes "Bumble fwum bum". (clatter clatter clatter)

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

Nothing to note yet. My last Cali was awesome sauce in this respect too (a starter motor went pffft after 30k miles but all the forums say that's expected).

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

Service myself, mostly. Could be a tad more economical? (50mpg).

Equipment 5 out of 5

Errr. I'm taking stuff OFF the bike (like the leg shields. Who needs leg shields?)

Buying experience: I just bought it off a classified. Fresh Japanese import into NZ. No known history. Sounds dodgy as, but you know what? Eff it.

3 out of 5 California Jackal an understated legend
04 June 2018 by Bob

Version: Jackal

Year: 2001

Annual servicing cost: £100

Ok. Ive only given my Jackal 3 out of 5 rating, but thats not what i think it,s worth, i absolutely love my california! I,d rather have my jackal than a free harley. If i won a harley i,d sell it and buy a Guzzi! I have owned around 100 bikes, mostly Jap UJMs. I bought the jackal after my BMW was murdered by an idiot who ran me off the road. I loved the Beemer. It was a great bike, but just another bike. My criteria for a replacement was, must be Cool, must be Big, must be impressive. Th Guzzi ticked all the boxes. I made a few cosmetic changes, chromed this and that, gave it a paint job and,...... i loved my BMW, but I am In Love with my Californoa Jackal! It aint fast, but has pleenty of torque, rumbles like an old V8 muscle car, turns heads all day, every day and has the muscle and street prescence that makes me feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger on wheels! I love it! The California has converted me 100% into a Guzziholic. I bought another Guzzi 11 months later and my next bike is going to be a Guzzi and evèry one after that. I won,t sell any, just get one of every model and love, polish and ride them till I die!

Ride quality & brakes 3 out of 5

It doesnt handle great because it has cheap crap chinese shock absorbers on, but that isnt Guzzis fault, it,s mine. I will put good shocks on one day, but for now it,s quite exciting wobbling through bumps in corners. It,s what i,m used to having owned 100 half çlapped out jap bikes from the 70s, 80s and 90s. I did have to replace the single front disc, which i suspect was overheated and warped due to worn out pads. I put an extra (optional) caliper, new braided hoses and twin discs on it and the result is amazing. Brembos are great. It stops scary fast!

Engine 4 out of 5

Strong. Bullet proof. Ive heard of Californias that have done 300,000 Miles witjout having rebuilds! Mi e now nas 70,000 kms and is barely broken in. I put K&Ñ pod filters on, which are ok, but without a dyno tune, i wouldnt do it again. It has moved the torque and power up in the rev range. The original air box is more user friendly.

Reliability & build quality 4 out of 5

There is nothing wrong with my -17 year old bike that you wouldnt expect to go wrong. I replaced the fuel pump, rectifier, fork seals, steering head bearings (that i damaged) engine temp sonsor and tps. Not unexpected in a bike of 17 years of age. I,ve had more problems with jap bikes. To be fair, Guzziss do not deserve the reputationof being unreliable that so many reviewers give them. I think they are just repeating things they have heard. Nothing has gone wrong with my Cali that was unexpected, unreasonable or terribly expensive to fix on a nearly 20 year old machine that was very poorly cared for by previous owners. Mine was left out in the weather for 17 years in a tropical country and as you,d thonk, suffererd rust and corrosion on nuts and bolts and the frame. The paint work was great despite this. I did repaint it, to my regret. I wish i hadnt. It was almost as good as new, but i did it cos i wanted a red bike. Wish i,d left it original. The finish was perfect, the paint job was not.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

Ive spent more on it than that, but because i can afford Preventative Maintenence, not because it.s a high maintainance machine. I like to change all fluids when i get a new (old) bike, replace hoses and stuff before they fail. If i had a garage, id do my own maintainance and spend very little. Valve adjustments are easy and good to check, but, every time my mechanic has checked, no adjustment has been necessary.

Equipment 3 out of 5

The Jackal comes with only 1 disc up front. Adequate, but get another caliper and disc and you will not regret it. There is no tacho, but it isnt necessary. Th dash is very clean and uncluttered with only the speedo and a few idiot lights.

Buying experience: Got mine used and abused, cheap and the best buy ever! I love it!

3 out of 5 An ugly baby only, I would kiss.
01 February 2016 by Ken

Year: 1997

I have had several bikes in my time. I say that the 1997 1100 California is not for a beginner or someone that does not have a little upper and lower body strength. This is a top heavy bike that takes a little strength in day to day use. A person under 5'7 can not get both legs down at the same time. The bike is like a large dirt bike with the high profile. Better not lay it down. Sorry ladies but it takes a man to upright this buffalo. I like the punch the engine got, It has good passing ability and a nice rumble that make these HD guys turn a head. When, I got the bike, I asked for something with a little weight. I was shown the Cali 1100. It was like an ugly pet you wanted to give away but feel in love with it.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

I dig these unabrakes. It is fantastic having brakes that grab front and rear at the same time.

Engine 5 out of 5

Like, I said. Put together like a TANK.

Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5

These bikes seem to only wear out hoses and cables. The engines are put together like tanks.

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5
5 out of 5 Guzzi Cali 97 reg
09 June 2012 by jahagon

It's got loads of what is usually referred to as 'character', mostly the good sort. The engine shudders and shakes at low revs and the big V-twin pulls the bike over to the left when you rev it. It will say it's in neutral but it's actually still in first gear (so be careful when you let the clutch out at a standstill). The tacho on mine has bust (but you don't really need it anyway). Unfortunately the paint is somewhat thin and some of the chrome is of absolutely appalling quality. Also, Moto Guzzi seem to have gone out of their way to make this weigh almost as much as the Isle of Wight ferry. Aside from this quirky 'character' the Cali's a wonderful bike. The seat is all day comfy, it takes all your luggage with ease, the handling is truly exceptional for a bike of this sort, all the switchgear is laid out perfectly, and it's also surprisingly quick - breezing past 100 even two up with luggage. If you have a good sense of humour and like a bit of 'character' you'll love this bike.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 2 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 Cali Vintage 08
07 December 2008 by mike760

This is undoubtedly the most comfortable bike I have ridden. Having travelled 600 miles in one day, with pillion with no aches or pains. Brakes are powerful and the overall feel is one of safe. That said, could do with a few more HP at the rear wheel for ultimate sense of security. Finish is fine at the moment but I have taken the time to wax/polish all the shiny bits but am not sure if I would ride it through the winter. Sounds fantastic and you can pack a surprising amount of kit into the panniers. Lighter than many of its rivals but the wide seat etc means sub 5'8" riders struggle while at standstill (like me). I usually achieve 50mpg while touring fully loaded & 2 up. My only gripe is the gear change and have only just mastered it. What would set it off would be a back rest but cannot find one for love not money.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5
Engine 4 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 4 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5
5 out of 5 brilliant - built just for me!
16 July 2008 by smmudd83_1999

I bought this bike 3 years ago with just 1554 miles on the clock for £2950!!Granted, it was just the Stone basic model with no equipment at all but it was an absolute steal.Maintennace is easy peasy and it's dead easy to work on. Design is antiquated, but that's because they got it right first time 26 years ago! Tuning is easy - although claiming 70bhp, actual power at the wheel is about 61bhp - aftermarket silencers,junked catalyst,air box mod and k&n installed saw 67bhp and more midrange grunt than you could shake a shitty stick at!Then came a power commander and a custom map with an output of 72bhp and an addictive grunty delivery.Economy is 50mpg round town and 60mpg cruising at 60mph.Blasts upto the ton with ease but from there its bit of a struggle. PROBLEMS? Did an 8000 mile trip round europe last summer taking in 17 countries and never missed a beat.Engine and gearbox will last you forever so long as you change the oil and check valve clearances regularly (dead easy job despite oil filter located inside the oil sump). Odd gearchange not for everybody. Quality of paintwork is appalling. Every 1500 miles you need to do a walk around and tighten ALL the bolts or replace with nylocs.Wheels and steel fenders rust easily. Basic models - Stone and Jackal - came with a single disc upfront,which when the bike weighs 1/4 of a metric ton and you're doing a magic ton can seem rather disconcerting.Oh yeah, if you get a pre-2004 the fuel caps have a plastic seal that can warp and get stuck.Quality of aftermarket screens,pannier racks,rear luggage carriers and centre stands are crap yet hideously expensive! PLUS POINTS-indestructible!Will outlast your dads volvo!CHARACTER!love the transverse vibes.Handling.sound!go.stop(ish).Rarity.A brilliant enthusiast following and club support.Aftermarket tuning and customisation is rife despite the rarity.Comfortable.Economical.Rode a Harley and this put a much bigger grin on my face (and I bought this bike when I was 21, definately not over the hill yet!)

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 2 out of 5
Value vs rivals 5 out of 5
Equipment 2 out of 5
4 out of 5 2003 Moto Guzzi Californai Ev Touring
29 November 2007 by luvmyguzzi

I have had this bike for just over three years. When I had just under 3000 KMS on the clock (staying within all break in procedures) I headed out with my wife for a ride from the west coast to the east coast of Canada. Two weeks into the ride I was in Barrie Ontario in the fast lane of a four lane highway doing 110 KPH when the engine sputtered and died! Miraculously I was able to navigate the bike to the shoulder without being hit by the surrounding rush hour traffic. I called my mechanic in BC and he knew right away the issue was the feed line had blown off the fuel pump in the tank (known issue)! I pulled the pump and found the line was crimped on and replaced with a proper clamp, one issue resolved. Another issue I had was a catastrophic clutch failure on the return leg about 200 KMS west of Ottawa (in the middle of nowhere)! I had been adjusting the clutch for slipping problems every 4-5000 KMS throughout the trip, something I had never encountered in 40 years of riding. To my amazement once I was towed 500 KMS to the closest dealer in Montreal I found out there was a recall on the clutch! The factory clutch is a single plate that cannot handle the torque of the engine (poor plate material choice?). After a week of me/dealer/factory discussion, they agreed to replace the clutch under warranty. It took another week to get the recall replacement parts from Italy and four days to have the clutch installed. Fortunately I have a fried in Almonte Ontario so I had a place to sleep (and wait). Unfortunately my wife ran out of time and had to fly back to BC to return to work (school break). In the end I had to leave my bike in Almonte Ontario and fly home to wait out the winter (you don't ride the Rockies in the winter). In the spring my wife and I flew back and finished our ride of a lifetime. I have since put another 15,000 KMS on the bike without a hiccup.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 2 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5
5 out of 5 Value and Style
02 September 2007 by

A fantastic cruiser with Italian style and loads of character. Great value for money, handles and performs well for a cruiser and looks great too.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5
Engine 4 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5
Value vs rivals 5 out of 5
Equipment 3 out of 5
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