MIS UK Ltd, Nottinghamshire
NG24 2ER


Year 1969
Mileage 15,000
Engine 747cc

The Honda CB 750 ranks as one of the greatest and most important motorcycles in history, revolutionary in its day it set a new benchmark for both performance and reliability. Under development for a year the original CB750 had a transverse, straight-four engine with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and a front disc brake, neither of which was previously available on a mainstream, affordable, production motorcycle. Having a four-cylinder engine and disc brake, gave the CB750 a considerable sporting performance advantage over its competition, particularly its British rivals.Cycle magazine called the CB750, "the most sophisticated production bike ever", on the bike's introduction. Cycle World called it a masterpiece, highlighting Honda's painstaking durability testing, the bike's 120 mph top speed, the fade-free braking, the comfortable ride, and excellent instrumentation. The CB750 was the first modern four-cylinder machine from a mainstream manufacturer, and the term superbike was coined to describe it. Adding to the bike's value were its electric starter, engine kill switch, dual mirrors, flashing indicators, easily maintained valves, and overall smoothness and low vibration both under way and at a standstill. Much-later models from 1991 included maintenance-free hydraulic valves.Unable to accurately gauge demand for the new bike, Honda limited its initial investment in the production dies for the CB750 by using a technique called permanent mold casting (often erroneously referred to as sand casting) rather than die-casting for the engines[ -- unsure of the bike's reception. The bike remained in the Honda line up for ten years, with a production total over 400,000This Bike This is a very early Honda CB750 a genuine K0 model (complete with four throttle cables) overall condition is excellent having been the subject of a cosmetic restoration before coming to MIS two years ago. Upon closer inspection we recognised that the engine required considerable work and has now been rebuilt and this motorcycle rides as good as it looks. Early CB750's are the most collectible, this is a superb early example at a reasonable cost.


Unit 17 Jessop Way, NG24 2ER

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