MIS UK Ltd, Nottinghamshire
NG24 2ER


Year 1976
Mileage 32,000
Engine 736cc

Honda CB750 - what more can be said, the first Superbike. Introduced in 1969 it went largely unchanged until the emergence of the Honda CB750 F1 Honda looked to freshen things up with a "sports" version of the CB750 -- although you need to have a very generous view of the word "sport" as applied to the F. Something a little special. According to records there were only 15,000 CB750F's produced (the F1 production totalled closer to 50k). Cosmetically there doesn't appear to be that much different but the model shown here was never imported to the UK and is resplendent in its original rather splendid red livery. I doubt there is another on the road in the UK. Lovely to ride as well as look at, this is a terrific bike and a solid investment. This Machine. MIS acquired this from a private individual around a few years ago. It looked good on initial viewing however on closer inspection it wasn't quite as sound as we had hoped. It's now been right through the workshop and presents exceptionally well, running beautifully and is we believe the only one in the UK in this colour (as supplied to the US market). It's in immaculate condition, some signs of wear but its really an exceptional machine. A perfect classic bike for the classic newbie. Very rideable, gentle, a total delight. The only things that remind you that you are riding a classic are the brakes (just a single disc to bring you to a stop ......eventually) and skinny tyres. However you soon get used to that and you will be smiling like the proverbial that got the how's your father. Its alot of bike for a very reasonable price. Superb investment grade motorcycle


Unit 17 Jessop Way, NG24 2ER

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