Motorcycle insurance bargains: Honda CBF600

Motorcycle insurance costs are an important consideration for any bike buyer. That's why MCN is highlighting some of the best cheap-to-insure motorcycles out there. This time it's the Honda CBF600

Insurance group: 11
Used price: £2,200-5,000
Engine: 599cc 16-valve, in-line-four-cylinder
Power: 76bhp
Top speed: 140mph
Weight: 222kg   

The Honda CBF600 is aimed at new and ‘born again’ riders and it does everything it sets out to do. Reliable, easy and competent in any situation - great if you're looking for an affordable workhorse and only group 11 insurance, too.

The CBF600's engine is unlikely to set your world on fire but it gets the job done. It has a broad spread of power and when pushed it's capable of 130mph, so it's good enough for touring or motorway use.

You could almost ride the Honda CBF600 with your eyes closed, it’s that simple. Thanks to plush suspension the Honda glides over bumps and keeps all but the nastiest pot-holes isolated from the rider.

The riding position is very natural with an easy reach to the high bars, there’s lots of legroom and the seat is three-way height adjustable too. Even when pushed hard the CBF600 won’t get itself into a wobbly mess.

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