My track day experience

Published: 17 March 2013

My father is a complete bike nut, owning about three different bikes at any one time and he's into track days.

He started off with an old GSX-R600 bought from eBay all kitted out and track ready and he worked it to death.

Now to put it in perspective, our local circuit is Snetterton. This is bad news for a 600cc bike. Both the pit straight and the back straight eat up 125s on a bi-hourly basis.

Every time we went, his bike would scream, and every time it screamed it came closer to dying.

So he eventually made an upgrade to a newer, more powerful 750, transferred all the kit over from the old track bike and carried on doing track days.

Not only this however, but he's wrangled a variety of friends and family to join in with track days as a sort of mini trackgang. It's like a small community of like minded tarmac lovers who relish the smell of petrol.

Now this is all well and good, however I don't have a license for a bike. It's a bit of a bummer really; liking bikes and not being able to ride them, it's just a tad annoying.

But I do make up for it one way or another. Being competent with a camera, I go with the gang and do my bit by migrating across the track during different sessions, nabbing shots of the group.

Whether it be a voyage to a waterlogged Cadwell or our usual trek to Snetterton, I'm up for a few quick snaps. Having a few drinks, staying up late the night befor, and waking up to the sound of engines revving up. What could be better? Now, my point is that track days are a phenomenal experience both for those who ride bikes AND for those who don't.

You talk to others who share your interests and get to see people thrash their bikes the way they were meant to be thrashed. It's an experience that I, as a non bike rider, love to be a part of and would thoroughly implore people to go to. It's cheaper than a few rounds at the pub and is worth every, single, penny.